Good Things, Mijas, Spain

Good Things (Through 5 Senses)


I have so much to catch up on and I’m working on doing that. I’ve been slowly (so, so slowly it feels) working on some longer posts, the first of which you saw yesterday, with my Au Pair 101 post. There’s a few more I have planned out through the rest of the summer, as I try to sum up what I’ve learned being abroad as I prepare to head back to Canada. There’s quite a bit! So, for today, have a breather for me. I’m going simple for right now because anything else is making my head ache and it’s summer, the exact time of the year where simple is exactly what we’re looking for. For the time being, I’m suspending my #100happydays Friday posts in favour of something simpler (inspired a little bit by this post).

My Five Senses:

Hear:  Sea birds
The best fish and chips I’ve had in Spain 
Touch: The curved and ridged backs of collected sea shells
Vacationers running to meet the oncoming waves
Smell: The salt off the ocean


Things I’m Loving:

+ The book lovers World Cup – (this is so amazing!)
+ Illustrated recipes – (So wonderful.)
+ This playlist – (To get your weekend started.)
+ Paper projects – (If you’re feeling DIY-ish.)


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