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Fresh Food, Fresher Art

IMG_8043We finally hit up Borough Market while it was actually open. Which I’m pretty sure would be a thing I would do daily if I could. I have a thing for fresh food markets and buying from the source. Plus they’re always great for meeting and talking to new people. I know while I was at Loyalist, several students found connections for stories through people they had met at our local market.  Which was not something I did while I was there, but I did eye all the food and talked myself out of buying olive oil and fish that I really did not need. I did not, however, talk myself out of homemade iced tea. Because that stuff is magical.









IMG_8076After Borough Market, we headed over to Southwark where we hung out and had a picnic on the small strip of grass there.  I love picnics, if you hadn’t noticed. There’s just something so simple and fun and easy about picnics. Where you pack things you probably wouldn’t put together in a ‘regular’ lunch, but that eating outside makes acceptable.




IMG_8097After lunch, we headed to the Tate Modern, where we proceeded to wander through all the rooms, get lost and judge the hell out of some of the exhibits because why? Most of the pieces don’t make sense and you’re standing there wondering how it got in there and then move on to wondering what kind of smart explanation you could put on a cardboard box with a dandelion  on top to get it in as an exhibit. Clearly I am not built for this modern art business. Though, I did like some of them, which I did take pictures of. Mostly because: colours! shapes! patterns!











IMG_8141Afterwards we headed to Saint Paul’s where we waited for Vimbai’s sister and headed back to the house, where I made our version of BiBimBap. And was pretty successful, might I add.


Things I’m Loving:

+ Things you didn’t know had names – (Which ones did you know?)
+ This woman and her house – (I feel like living among plants would be very relaxing.)
+ Ideas for your home – (Now I want books in my fireplace.)
+ This book – (About bad arguments, with cartoon animals to help illustrate.)


4 thoughts on “Fresh Food, Fresher Art

  1. The pictures are great. I laughed out loud at the dandelion and cardboard box. You have gotten funnier! Have a great day kiddo!

  2. Maman Jac-o says:

    I love it when you have a picture of yourself…you are so cute! Must take after your maman;-)

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