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14 Moments

wrap_up_titleAs I sort of mentioned in one of my posts last week, I’m going to do a bit of a round up this week of some of my favourite things from this summer.  Don’t worry: they’re all image based with links at the bottom of the post to take you to the original post. There’s no words to read in this one. I had a lot of fun figuring out how I wanted to set this post up and how I wanted it to look. It was also nice to go through all those posts and photos one more time before really moving on to what’s next.  Tomorrow I’ll be posting about Deba, which is a little nothing of a town up in the Basque country. Even with it being so small, as I’ve been putting the post together, I realized that two weeks is a long time and there’s quite a bit to include! Anyways, that’s tomorrow so today: one last look at summer.








12 / 34 / 56 / 78 / 910 / 1112 / 1314

Things I’m Loving:

+ This playlist – (I got so much work done to it!)
+ How to conquer fear – (I’m good with that!)
+ Since we’re revisiting Copenhagen today – (My favourite magazine put out a guide.)
+ A look at Paris – ( Just because.)


4 thoughts on “14 Moments

  1. I’m always so in awe of what you are doing and have done! To see the places you seen, the world you’ve encountered and the people you have met is beyond words. It makes me so proud that it hurts! Well done my young padawan!

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