I’ll Get To That….Later


For once I have more things to show and share than I have time for. I finally just got my computer back on Friday and have been furiously editing wedding photos since. And a lot happens in two weeks. Like getting your visa in the mail and getting new glasses (though I desperately wanted either these or these but the first wouldn’t fit properly and I already have a pair of orange glasses.) There’s also the new suitcase I got (that I actually don’t know where my parents stored…) and work schedules that have been switched around.

On top of that there’s trying to get in a ‘good bye’ day and getting pictures of the family done for my sister’s grad….next June, since I won’t be here.

I’m hoping for a proper update and more than a single photo within the next few weeks, but as of right now, I can’t promise that. I did have things planned out and scheduled so by the time we got to this part of August, I wouldn’t be scrambling and anxious and flipping coins between staying in bed an extra hour or going swimming with my mom in the morning.

But life got in the way (two weeks without a computer: case in point) and that is where I am and I have desperately (oh my goodness, I can’t even describe how much that’s true) missed photography and the editing and the whole process.

So, I am coming back. It’s just going to take longer than I thought it would.


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