Whirlwind Travel

The last less than 48 hours have been a little crazy. I have proper pictures for later, but just to say,”It worked out! I made it!” I’ll drop these off.

I’ve been in the process of two things the last month or two.
One: I got accepted as a photographer for that new soccer magazine, XI . The first issue actually comes out today, so go check it out.
I’m helping provide web content and so contacted three of the biggest clubs in Canada: Vancouver Whitecaps, FC Edmonton and Toronto FC about doing quick interviews and tasking pictures. Today I got to meet five great players from FC Edmonton and do a bit of profiling on them. I’ll let you know when they’re up on the site.

The second thing is the reason I was able to do this: I’m moving to France for ten months to be an au pair. So I had to go to Vancouver to do my visa application. An inconvenience for sure, but I got to unwind and sit in the park and read.



In the Edmonton airport waiting to head back home. Ready for some solid sleep and catching up on editing. Eep!

P.S. I got my visa. France: here I come!

Things I’m Loving:

+ Clara Hughes – A trooper and an inspiration.
+ Canadian WNT – they reached the quarter finals and I’m so excited to see how they face this.
+ Twisted Tea – after a long day, with kids, it’s exactly what’s called for. Especially ice cold.
+ Soccernomics – I hadn’t finished a book in a solid month and a half. I finished it in two readings. Battling headaches. And I’m not even a math/equations person. I actually want to do a separate post to review, but I’ll leave it at: get it. Read it. Love it.


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