Barcelona, Spain

Without a Plan & Restaurant Maps


For someone who has travelled quite a bit, I’m awful at planning. By planning, I mean the day-to-day of what I’ll be doing once I get to a place. I’m on top of the getting there, getting back, where I’ll be staying bit (for the most part), mostly because that’s necessary for you know, actually having a trip. But everything else? Yeaaaaah. I will be very honest and say I’m not the best at planning in advance for the rest of it. I’ve tried, I really have, but for some reason it doesn’t click. Looking through guidebooks and online overwhelms me and frustrates me and I just leave it. The thing is: it’s never been a problem.






My method of planning tends to go like this: arrive wherever I’m going, grab one of those one sheet maps that tend to be sponsored by a restaurant from the tourist information and then walk. As you can see from that photo, I did do some rough sketching for the week, writing notes over the page and circling things, but that’s as intense as it got. So on Monday, I ended up walking. A lot. (It won’t let me imbed the map so please, go here.)






I ended up at El Mercado dels Encants around 19h and spent the time simply wandering around, looking at the sheer amount of things a person could look through and buy. It reminded me of El Rastro, a bit. Except on a daily basis and indoors, with an awesome ceilingI couldn’t stop taking photos of. That chair is probably the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen and I’m gutted that there’s no chance it could be mine. It would look perfect with this lamp my parents have in our living room. I also managed to grab some 1€ pizza because it was the end of the day. Walking might make you hungry, but even so, that pizza was delicious.









After the mercado, I made my way down to the Arc de Triomf. It was probably the one place I really wish I had visited again, maybe taken a picnic with me and watched people. I ended up having a wonderful conversation with an old Spanish man. He was just strolling by and then paused when he saw me taking pictures before he came over and told me he used to really like taking pictures, too. We chatted for a few minutes, me stumbling along with my Spanish, him patient with his listening. I forgot to ask if I could take a picture of him before he walked away.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This Instagram account – (So, so pretty.)
+ Found this – (For those interested in indie presses.)
+ Soap – (Pretty sure this is spring in a soap bar.)
+ Bourbon Pecan Pie with Dark Chocolate – (What is there not to love in that title?)


3 thoughts on “Without a Plan & Restaurant Maps

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    Love the mirrored pics…cool effect!
    The collection of camera bodies was interesting – there are probably a few kicking around here that we could contribute.

  2. SC says:

    i liked the cameras and fun angles of other photos. putting the walking in a map was cool because you don’t think about how much ground you’ve actually covered until you’re taking off your shoes at the end of the day and your legs are jelly haha

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