Favourite Photogs: Nicole Franzen


The first word that comes to mind when I look at Nicole Franzen‘s work is ‘clean’. Followed by ‘crisp’ and ‘bright’.  Every single one of her photos give me that feeling, and not in that clean that makes you think of disinfectant or bacterial swipes. Rather it’s the clean that comes from putting freshly laundered sheets on your bed or wiping up the counter after making dinner, dessert waiting for you on the table. A good, healthy, happy clean. Funny how photography works.





Her work is comprised of most of my favourite things: food. Interiors. Travel. People. They’re interesting without being overwhelming, she never goes overboard. There’s also fun details hiding in her photos, waiting for you to notice them as you look through them again. All these things (food, interiors, travel and people) are simple things. And she photographs them so simply. No fuss or flair or unneeded extras and I appreciate that. It all feels and looks so natural. (It also makes me hungry.)









Things I’m Loving:

+ Game of Thrones – (IT’S BACK!)
+ Friday Postcard – (By me.)
+ These books – (Would love to get my hands on them.)
+ A tour of accents – (!!!)


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