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Good Things


1. Letters with pretty penmanship.
2. After slogging through this for over two months, we finally finished it Wednesday!
3. I’ve gotten some calls for English lessons.
4. Fruity drinks in the morning, now with strawberries!
5. Good friends bond over football, great friends give you their Mesut Özil poster from the middle of the footie magazine.  Continue reading

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about swimming

aboutswimmingThe water isn’t as cold as I imagine it will be. I’ve been bracing myself since I walked into the change room for the bone chilling temperature that makes you wonder if this is even a good idea because don’t people get sick from cold water? The water might not be cold but the lanes are full and that’s not something I planned on. It takes me awhile before I’m comfortable, before I’ve stopped wondering if I’m taking up too much space or if they’re shaking their heads at how out of practice I am, how I’ve swallowed pool water instead of breathing twice now, stopping completely to snort chlorinated water out of my nose in a fashion I’m sure is considered ridiculously attractive and try to clear my head.

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