All Settled In & Sunday Drives in the Country

Eight-year-old Adam Smith and his 10-year-old Liam play in the Meeting Creek grain elevator during Alberta Open Farm Days. The brothers explored the elevator and the old train station as their mother helped out with the activities planned throughout the day in Meeting Creek, Alta. on Sunday August 23, 2015. Amielle Christopherson/Camrose Canadian/Postmedia NetworkIt’s quarter to eleven and I have banana bread baking in the oven because I realized I had way too many bananas and knew, I just knew, that if I put it off until tomorrow, it wouldn’t get made. So, out came the bowls and the measuring cups and the mixing spoons and in less than 20 minutes, in it went. And I’ve been finishing knocking things off my to-do list as I’m waiting and I knew, just knew, what else I had to get done, since the thought of sitting down and writing a blog post didn’t make me want to slam my laptop shut and not look at another photo ever again.  Continue reading


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AMC - VikingsHockey03Normal

I haven’t forgotten about my blog, but so much change happened so quickly and I moved jobs and started commuting for work. My days tend to end with me passing out on the couch when I come home and spending my days off catching up on the laundry and the grocery shopping and the bathroom cleaning I haven’t done during the week. But it’s been good.

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France, Plateau D'Assy etc., Weekend Round-Up

Well Spent Weekend


I ended up with a mini break this weekend, which resulted mostly because I kept oversleeping and they let me. Which was nice since I’m still not sleeping well, and while I’m glad that that’s the only form my stress is taking, it’s still rather annoying and I wish it would stop. But! I did end up with some time just for myself, and it was lovely and perfect and the sun was shining and so, naturally: everything I didn’t know I needed until it was there and I decided to take advantage of it.*  Continue reading


Summer Jobs (Now)


You know, when someone (aka me) thinks about having a summer job, the first thing that comes to mind is having weekends off every other week and possibly even three day weekends and hitting the beach afterwards or going for drinks afterwards.

One of my sister’s old classmates came in the store and voiced the thought I’d been having for awhile:

“What happened to that idea of a summer job you had when you were high school?”

Which of course made me stop and think and then shake my head and laugh. Because, naturally, all those ideas that you have, from all the books and the movies and just the fairly dreamy we all have of what it should be like.

So no, my summer job(s) aren’t really what I envisioned for myself. Not really even a little bit, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not good. That just because it’s not what you imagined it would be, doesn’t mean that it’s better or worse. It still pays the bills, the way doing anything else would do.

Besides, how interesting would life be if things turned out how you figured they would? That’s too predictable and the definition of life is that things aren’t predictable.

Things I’m Loving:

(Since it’s been awhile, have a link dump for your time.)

Top 10 Jobs Children Want To Be – Because they always know where it’s at.

101 Jobs Tips to Land Your Dream Job –

Human Colours – Visually compelling.

Taking Off a Leg  – That moment when Photoshop goes terribly, terribly wrong.

The Bookless Library – The discussion about libraries in our technical future continues.

Living In ‘You’ve Got Mail’ – What I want: all of it.

Explore Your Neighbourhood  – What’s better than finding out new, fun things in your own  neighbourhood?

Test Tube Vases – I want these on windowsills.

Baseball in the Time of Cholera – Beautifully shot film about cholera from the view of a baseball player.

Floral Flats – These need to be in my life ASAP.

Friends With Kids – One of the best movies I’ve watched in awhile, up there with Black Butterflies. And for once I actually noticed how amazing the soundtrack is, which is something I don’t always notice. So, there’s that.


The Shake Ritual



Part of one of my jobs is to make milkshakes. Not the healthy ones with fruit and milk and yogurt. It’s messy. It’s sticky. And you don’t get to lick the spoon afterwards.

Not like at home. Where there’s bananas and frozen fruit and soy milk and three kinds of mini yogurts just because we can.

We make it before bed and after the boys are in their pjs. There’s bedtime snack that goes with it and all the things that have been forgotten to be shared after school or during supper.

Milkshakes at work do mean I’m getting paid. But milkshakes at home mean I’m getting to see people before everyone’s already tucked in bed.

Plus, we get to lick the spoon after.