Madrid, Spain

This Here Be Picnic Weather


I don’t know about you guys, but my first instinct when nice weather shows up is to be outside as much as humanely possible. Which means I’ve gotten pretty good at grabbing food from the fridge, throwing something together and heading to the park for a picnic at the last minute. That’s my favourite thing about picnics, really: how uncomplicated they are. Seriously, this is not a thing you can mess up. Is it food? Is it still edible? Can you eat it with your hands and/or very few utensils? Is it shareable? If it falls into any/all of these categories, guess what? You can take it on a picnic!

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International Women’s Day (Also: The Story of My Mother)


I don’t normally post on Saturdays,  but since it’s International Women’s Day (well, when I started this post, it was), I figured, “Why the heck not?” and so here we are.  (To be completely honest, I really just wanted to post for my Things I’m Loving bit because I found so many cool things that were so relevant to today, so I actually have nothing real planned out to write, so bear with me! Also check out everything below because they are super neat and awesome and inspirational and kick ass women doing things!)

I have to say that I was lucky growing up and being a girl. I mean, ridiculously, superbly, out of this world lucky. Of course, that’s not something I knew at the time and wasn’t until I left home and started talking to people and started expanding my reading and hearing people’s stories. But, I was. Starting off with my mother. Continue reading