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Hello Stockholm

IMG_7721After a full day in Copenhagen, we headed back to Lund, made lunches for the next day, called a taxi, packed our bags and headed to bed. Our train the next morning had a 5:25 departure and we arrived in Stockholm at 9:40 and we started exploring. Unfortunately, the place we rented wasn’t available until after 16:00, which meant that we ended up walking around Stockholm with our backpacks firmly on our backs.

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France, Plateau D'Assy etc., Weekend Round-Up

Well Spent Weekend


I ended up with a mini break this weekend, which resulted mostly because I kept oversleeping and they let me. Which was nice since I’m still not sleeping well, and while I’m glad that that’s the only form my stress is taking, it’s still rather annoying and I wish it would stop. But! I did end up with some time just for myself, and it was lovely and perfect and the sun was shining and so, naturally: everything I didn’t know I needed until it was there and I decided to take advantage of it.*  Continue reading


Travelling: The Movie Expectations


After I had made the decision to be an au pair in France, I did the one thing I probably shouldn’t have done: I watched Passport to Paris. To be fair to myself, obviously I knew I wasn’t going to be visiting for a week (it was going to be a lot longer than that) or visiting my grandparents (though travelling with my grandparents would have been wonderful). But, I had the twisted idea that, oh, it wasn’t going to be that hard and oh, I would make friends and oh, maybe a boy with a bike (of the motor family).

Clearly I should not be using movies to set my standards (no matter how I pretend those standards are realistic). But then, then I went for a walk yesterday. It was my day off and it was gorgeous. Absolutely, beautifully, wonderfully gorgeous outside. I got to walk around without a jacket and without wet feet and just….wander. And no, there was no soundtrack just floating around me and nope there was definitely no boy on a bike with some flowers circling me slightly creepily. But there was the sun, and fall leaves, there was tea and a book. And that was really all I actually wanted.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This tutorial – (A refresher was in order.)

+ This article – (Scent memories are my favourite memories.)

+ These shoes – (I discovered I could fit my finger through the sole of my shoes today. So I needed new ones. I don’t actually even like pink but I bought electric blue laces to go with. My sister would be proud.)

+ Basketball – (Starting week two of practice. And everyone was super impressed with my rebounding skills. That’s what happens when your parents were your coaches.)