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Brie & Tuna Sandwiches


I’m kind of a big tuna fan. Tuna sandwiches. Tuna melts. Tuna in salad with cherry tomatoes and some dill. Heck, my mom even does this thing where she’ll toss in a can (or two, we’re a lot in my family) of tuna with Kraft Dinner and some vegetables and while, at least as much as I can remember, my sisters detest that dish, I’m a fan of it. And if you just made a face at that, don’t knock it til you try it because it just might surprise you. To sum up: I like tuna. And I made a tuna sandwich. With brie. This is all sorts of fancy here, guys. Continue reading

Madrid, Spain

The Rival’s Stadium


I’d never been to a rival team’s stadium before. As a spectator, that is. It feels a little illicit, as if the stadium knows you’re not supposed to be there and is hissing in disapproval, trying to make you as uncomfortable as possible. Of course, this could just be me and I could just be overly sensitive to these things. But Melissa and I went to the Spain – Italy friendly last week, the match being held at the Vicente Calderón, the stadium of our city rivals, Atlético de Madrid.

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International Women’s Day (Also: The Story of My Mother)


I don’t normally post on Saturdays,  but since it’s International Women’s Day (well, when I started this post, it was), I figured, “Why the heck not?” and so here we are.  (To be completely honest, I really just wanted to post for my Things I’m Loving bit because I found so many cool things that were so relevant to today, so I actually have nothing real planned out to write, so bear with me! Also check out everything below because they are super neat and awesome and inspirational and kick ass women doing things!)

I have to say that I was lucky growing up and being a girl. I mean, ridiculously, superbly, out of this world lucky. Of course, that’s not something I knew at the time and wasn’t until I left home and started talking to people and started expanding my reading and hearing people’s stories. But, I was. Starting off with my mother. Continue reading

Madrid, Spain

SURPRISE! (Birthday Party)


“Oh my goodness! You finally showed up!” were the first words I heard as I approached the statue next to the lake in El Retiro park. “We’ve been waiting for ages!” The last bit was half lost as my friends started singing Happy Birthday and I saw the steps covered with cake and sandwiches and chips and basically everything anybody has ever needed to a birthday party. Continue reading

Good Things, Misc.

Good Things



1. I was back. I basically live there now.
2. Had lunch here with friends and it was the best salmon salad ever.
3. & 4. Coffee and croissants with friends.

Found this store that sells Kinfolk in Madrid and wondering if any of you have other suggestions for magazines I should hunt down. I miss holding and reading magazines and would love to have something good to read!

Things I’m Loving:

+ These traveller’s journals – (I still need a ’14 calendar.)
+ This beautiful video – (On story telling.)
+ These upcoming trips – (Places for me to go on the weekend.)
+ Also this video – (A must watch.)