Madrid, Spain

SURPRISE! (Birthday Party)


“Oh my goodness! You finally showed up!” were the first words I heard as I approached the statue next to the lake in El Retiro park. “We’ve been waiting for ages!” The last bit was half lost as my friends started singing Happy Birthday and I saw the steps covered with cake and sandwiches and chips and basically everything anybody has ever needed to a birthday party. Continue reading


A Book A Day (Keeps the Boredom at Bay)


For all the reading I do during the day, sometimes it feels like I haven’t gotten through a lot. Then again, I’m being a good student and reading (a little bit) in French. Right now I’m (still) reading this book. As well as this one. And another on my laptop because digital copies are cheaper and lighter and now I just need an e-reader so I can read it comfortably.

ANYWAYS, I read. Probably because it gives me some form of routine, mostly because I’m still lacking friends, though I am working on it! (More on that in another post.) Every afternoon, about two thirty-ish, I make my way to the centre ville, hit the post office, window shop and sigh sadly at things that I will not be owning any time soon before I make my way back to where two streets diverge around a bakery and I, I choose neither and have my café au lait as I mark my goal page with an empty sugar packet. It’s been the routine for the last three weeks, month and the man who owns the place smiles every time, says, “Au lait?” and then asks me a couple of questions about whatever the outcome of St. Étienne was over the weekend.

I now also read while I wait for the kids to come out of school. In order to get a good parking spot, you have to arrive at least half an hour early. So it’s me, a bottle of water and my book. Probably a snack because it’s quite unfortunate being in a car with no snack and just…waiting. (And the French and I need to sit down and discuss this whole parking/exiting/school/lack of parking lot deal because it is not fun. Not a little bit. Not a minuscule bit. Unless you have a sick, twisted sense of humour.)

Things I’m Loving:

+This video – (Because I miss Community so much.)

+ This game – (I played FIFA ’12 over the summer with my brothers. This seems much easier.)

+ These tips – (Light can be a tricky thing sometimes.)

+ This recipe – (You can never go wrong with chocolate treats.)