Fish Story

ImageImageImageImageSo these are the actual last photos from Saint Cado. I’m 100% sure this time. Yes, the scarf has, once again, made an appearance. It’s just always there, I can’t help myself. Also: there is a reason that that is the only picture of the fish and why it’s taken all the way across the kitchen.

I wasn’t really surprised to see them there. We were beside the ocean and the fish live in the ocean and people pull them out of the ocean and then eat them. No big deal. I’ve been fishing (not really the biggest fan, but I’ve done it) and I know how this all goes down. Except I thought they were dead. Nope. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move and thought I’d just imagined it until I was looking at it and its tail flipped and its gills moved and I haven’t been that close to screaming out in fright in a long, long time. I finished making my tea with my hand blocking my view of the fish and then bolted out of there, staying in the living room until they got carted away.

And that is my story of the day.

Things I’m Loving:

+ These interesting facts – (I’m a sucker for interesting facts.)

+ This blog – (Just because I’m in Europe doesn’t mean I’m not still looking.)

+ This shirt – (How adorable is that?)

+ This sweatshirt – (I’m a huge sweater lover. Huge.)

Belz/Saint Cado, France

The Lost Photos


As I was going through my folders and resorting pictures, I realized that I had forgotten about an entire set of photos from Saint Cado that I had taken on my last day there. It’s amazing to think that I was there less than two weeks ago and that, in that time, I’ve gone from weather that feels almost like spring to being surrounded by continually falling snow.

The bridge in the photos is the one that you can see across the way in these photos. Instead of going into Belz like I normally did for my daily walks, I decided to take the bike and go in the opposite direction, something that I realized I should have done earlier. The weather was gorgeous and I got to wander around the rocks tucked up near the shoreline. On my way back, I stopped by a tabac and bought myself some mango juice and that day’s copy of L’Equipe and drank and read from the same place where I took this photo. 

Now, I trek out for my paper and drink and read while curled up and warm inside, watching the snow fall outside and remembering that all those ridiculous winter clichés had to come from somewhere.

Thing I’m Loving:

+ This bookshelf – (Because one day I will have my own place. Maybe.)

+ This journal – (I’m on a kick of some sort. Apparently.)

+ This tag – ( Because I need help finding places I want to go.)

+ This gift guide – (Because some of us are broke broke broke.)

Belz/Saint Cado

The End & The Beginning


And these are, once again, the last. The last of the ocean and the colours blue and white and open sky and no people for hours on end. But, it’s also the start: the start of mountains and snow and pine trees and skiing.

Things I’m Loving:

+ These DIY holiday ideas – (Because the old adage is true.)

+ This Hemingway bit – (Because I’m a sucker for Hemingway.)

+ This giftguide – (Simple. Useful. Beautiful. I like that.)

+ This documentary – (Because being down on your luck doesn’t mean you can’t be upbeat about life.)

Belz/Saint Cado, France

Light is Love


Let’s talk about sunsets for a minute. Just a brief, quick minute because much longer than that and we start getting grossly romantic and waxing poetically about love and that’s great and all but I actually just want to talk about light.

I’ve never been able to take pictures of a sunset that I really like. You know how you’ll find postcards with sickeningly beautiful light, everything in balance  and then there’s me. Until I took these pictures. No, I probably won’t be turning them into postcards, but I felt like I actually ~captured what I had been seeing without there being parts way too blown out or just completely lost in darkness. I’m going to count this as a win and carry on.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This article – (Very thought provoking.)

+ This other article – (Not just for students, though. I’ve started trying to read more newspapers. Something I, you know, should have been doing before.)

+ This outfit – (The sweater, the jacket, the shorts. I want them all.)

+ This DIY – (As you already know, I have a thing for maps. And for travelling. So this one is a no brainer.)

Belz/Saint Cado, France

But Where Are the People?


I’ve finally, finally gotten on board that ‘writing a blog post in advance’ boat. Can I just say: it feels bizarre? I think it’s a good bizarre, I’m sure it is. (I hope it is.) It just feels so weird to come here, look and already written post over and hit ‘publish’. It makes me feel like I’ve got it a little bit more together, even on days when that’s a lie and I definitely do not have anything together.

More photos from Belz/Saint Cado. Things that I realized while editing/uploading/writing about these: I miss taking photographs of people. (Not that this place is over run with people. Bike for an hour, see four people. And I thought I lived in a small town.)  But I think that’s something I’m going to work on in the next little bit: working up the courage to start photographing people and activities. I think I’m ready to get back on that scary ledge of talking to people I don’t know. I got chills just typing that. But good ‘this could end really, really well’ sort of chills. Little steps.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This video – (I hadn’t heard about it before, but the 8 minute clip had me wanting to see what the rest of this film will be like. Very fascinating look, with a range of voices, of females represented in media and what that means/how that affects the mentality of people growing up seeing that.)

+ This documentary – (It airs within the next few days and the previews on TV make it look really interesting. I’m hoping to catch it!)

+ This site – (This looks interesting. Especially with the holidays here, it looks like a great way to compare prices/save money. Bonus!)

+ This gift guide – (This time for the photographers on your list. Because they’re a special bunch.)