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Spicy Vegetable Ramen


I’ve been craving ramen noodles for ages now. It was out of the blue, just hit me that, “Yes! Ramen noodles! Make it happen!” Which I did. Then I hit up some of those million posts that are floating out there about how to amp up your lunch if you’re one of us who stay at home. From there I just did my own thing, dug around the fridge for things I could stick in it and improvised with what I had. Improvising is fun! There’s something about finding an unexpected combination and taste tasting something you’ve thrown together that makes you go, “Wow!” that’s just really fun for me. Also about using up food already in your refrigerator. Yes, good, bonus!  Continue reading


Orange Squeeze


I’m an orange juice drinker. Scratch that. The entire sentence. I love oranges. Cut into quarters for a snack. Picking out all the orange flavoured gummies out of whatever bag they’re currently contained in. If you’re letting me pick, I’ll choose the orange sucker out of the bunch, thankyouverymuch. There was even a time, when I was shorter than I currently am and wore a green shirt with a tomato wearing sunglasses, where my pop of choice was orange crush. But, out of all things orange, my favourite has to be orange juice. (Cue back that first sentence.)  Continue reading


Favourite Photogs: Bernat Fortet


I saw a few of Bernat Fortet‘s Color Hunting photographs as I was scrolling through my tumblr the other day and had to click on over to his site. While I’m not really big on the rest of his work, his Color series is definitely interesting and eye catching. It hits more notes as art photography over photojournalism, but I am a big fan of how well his colour pairings go together and how clean and simple they all are. I would have no problem buying one as an art piece to hang on my wall.  Continue reading

Good Things, Misc.

Good Things



1. I was back. I basically live there now.
2. Had lunch here with friends and it was the best salmon salad ever.
3. & 4. Coffee and croissants with friends.

Found this store that sells Kinfolk in Madrid and wondering if any of you have other suggestions for magazines I should hunt down. I miss holding and reading magazines and would love to have something good to read!

Things I’m Loving:

+ These traveller’s journals – (I still need a ’14 calendar.)
+ This beautiful video – (On story telling.)
+ These upcoming trips – (Places for me to go on the weekend.)
+ Also this video – (A must watch.)

Madrid, Spain

Hanging Jamón & Tiny Service Stations


Last week Alex gamely came along with me to look for an address on a cheque (that we never found) and was his cheerful self as we continued to lose and find ourselves in the business district. We stopped for lunch at Museo del Jamón, where I had croquettas for the first time in a long time. Since it was such a nice, sunny day out, we decided to walk most of the way back down to Conde de Casal before we had to catch the bus back.  Continue reading