San Sebastian, Spain

Hello San Sebastian

IMG_8228During our second week in Deba,  my HM, the kids and I headed to San Sebastian for the day. These first two photos made me think of my trip to Nice this spring, though with sand instead of rocks on the beach. Things I’d forgotten about going places with kids: their moods determine oh so much. They weren’t in the mood to do a lot of walking/being outside (which was a bit of a bummer since it was absolutely gorgeous outside and I was more than ready to do some sightseeing), so we headed to the aquarium for a couple of hours (which is also a marine museum and we all know I feel about those). I did, however, get the chance to hunt down a Basque flag for my travel backpack. I’ll take what I can get. And, yes, I’ll be planning a trip back for a longer look. At the city, not the fish.

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