Favourite Photogs: Sandra Juto


Sandra Juto is one of those ‘jack of all trades’ people. Not only does she take beautiful, colourful and simple photographs, she’s also an illustrator, a graphic designer and runs her own online shop, where she sells Wrist Worms. Now living in Berlin, Juto is originally from Sweden and her photographs are her snapshots of her day to day life. Whether it’s going out for coffee, for long walks, working in her studio or spending time with friends, she always has something to share.  Continue reading


Favourite Photogs: Yousuf Karsh


Yousuf Karsh was part of a grade 9 assignment on famous Canadians where I received a list of about 200 names and had to pick five to do a PowerPoint presentation on. I don’t remember who the other four were, but Karsh, him I remember. Part of it was how impressed I was with who he had photographed. If you were to look at a full list, it’s a who’s who of the 20th century, everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to Georgia O’Keefe to Pope John Paul II to Audrey Hepburn.  Continue reading


On a Grand Scale


Next time I go to shoot the Cathedral, I’m really, really going to take my 16-35mm. No matter how awkward it is to take in my bag, I want to try and do a better job of showing just exactly how immense it is. There’s no way to do it with the 50mm, there just…there isn’t. You have to stand so far back that you’re in one of the various alleys that link up to the Cathedral and at that point you’ve lost part of it in the process. Wide and low next time.

Because it is, it is immense. It’s breathtakingly there. I feel like that should be an obvious statement, a little bit of a chuckle to go with, “Naturally. It’s a cathedral, after all.” But if you’re me and this is the first Cathedral you’ve seen in four years (and the last one I saw was the Oratoire St. Joseph and it was, quite literally a ten minute visit), it is just…overwhelming. The first time I was in the square, I had to keep looking back because I couldn’t believe how present it is.

(No, really. you can see it from every part of the city, or almost any. Which is good for me because if I ever get lost (which is bound to happen), I just have to walk towards it and I’ll find my way back.)

The details are absolutely breathtaking. It makes you (or me) stop and think that, people didn’t just dream on a grand scale, they went and built on that scale too. They achieved and worked towards something that a lot of them wouldn’t even fully see. Mind. Blown.

Things I’m Loving:

Fuereventura – Russian Red‘s album that came out last year that I’ve just gotten around to listening to and I’m absolutely loving it! A little more upbeat than her first album but still very much her.

Le Foot – I’m trying really hard to read something in French every day, which is not as easy as it sounds. However, Le Foot as separate magazines for (almost) every Ligue 1 team, which means I get to read about something I love as I’m struggling to resist the urge to read out loud to myself because it sounds so weird in my own head. It’s got a lot of content, but comes out once a week, which gives me something to work towards.

Foxy Houndstooth – I won’t have my own place for a while yet, but growing up having houses renovated around you kind of gets you pumped for figuring out how to do things on your own. This wall: I want it. I may have to beg and plead and cajole my father into helping me, but I will have something like it. One day.