My Friends’ Closets

Stylish Friends - P
I saw the striped dress on Polyvore while bored a few days ago and realized it looked like one that my friend Patrice had worn on our trip to Valencia. If I had to pick one of my friends to label ‘effortlessly cool’, it would be her, hands down.  Lots of black and white, men’s wear and leather are what I find a lot of when I see her.  A little rock n’ roll, a dash of class and a whole lot of ‘I do what I want’. Which I find really freaking great.  And I would steal her shoes in a heartbeat.
Things I’m Loving: 
+ The bodies of Olympic Athletes – (So fascinating!)
+ Reading suggestions – (If you’ve been searching for what to pick up next.)
+ A drink to mix – (Because it’s Wednesday.)
+ A chart of arguments – (To use to your advantage.)

Something New

Rastro Outfit
This week is going to be a week of ‘trying new things’.  Because trying new things is like chicken soup and is good for the soul. Not only that, but I’m of the opinion that things should grow and change with you, and my blog should not be an exception. Continue reading