Belz/Saint Cado, France

Coastal Style


Things I am pretty sure it’s a rule to have here: blue doors and/or windows. White trim/housing. A ridiculously adorable house number painting. Potted plants around their doors/windows/walls. Because everyone has them and I want them. It’s like peer pressure but in the best way possible because how can you not be happy when you have a blue door to greet you every day? Or plants sitting just outside? I think I’d be pretty chipper seeing those every day.

Things I’m Loving:

+ These subway stations – (The Lisbon one has to be my favourite!)

+ This trailer – (I participated in 11.11.11 last year and am definitely planning on doing 12.12.12. Anyone else interested?)

+ These clues – (How do you know Christmas is coming?)

+ This site – (If you’re having issues picking out a gift, make a catalogue and let them pick their own!)