Favourite Photogs: Dustin Aksland

aksland_willis_earl_beal_2Awhile back in my ‘Things I’m Loving” I linked to Popfoto, a site for photographers on photography. One of the main things they do is interview other photographers, which I absolutely love. It’s so interesting to read about how other people got to where they are and what influences and inspires them.  Included in the interview, of course, is a preview of the photographer’s work. I love the format because it mixes words and breaks up what could just be an endless stream of photography and helps put some of it into context. I’ve had Dustin Aksland‘s interview in my tabs for what feels like ages (it’s only been a few days), but I’m really glad I finally sat down and read it.

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Madrid, Spain

Bikes & Bars


This cafe has a bicycle hanging from the ceiling and all your arguments are invalid. All other places better step up their decor, because this takes it to a different level.  Also: I should really start working on putting together ‘a guide to Madrid’ type of thing. (Sandra Juto’s Berlin and Gothenberg guides seem like good inspiration. Any other guides you’d suggest?)  Toma is my (new) favourite place to stop for coffee and Dubliners is where we stop at least once during the weekend, for a drink or two and some football.  Continue reading