Madrid, Spain

Saturday Wander Pt. I


I’ve mentioned before how I like doing things by myself, but that I haven’t really been doing that so much lately. So while everyone was sleeping off hangovers Saturday afternoon, I made my way into Madrid for some exploring and photo taking. While the weather wasn’t the best, compared to the weather we’ve been having, it was still nice and when the wind died down, warm. While I was still an awkward duck while ordering a coffee and banging my knees and bag on everything (there’s no half way with me. I’m either cool as ice and just glide on in or else I’m tripping over everything and not in a cute, dorky way, either.), it was refreshing and something I’ll be putting more effort into doing more often.  Continue reading

Food, Misc.

Brie & Tuna Sandwiches


I’m kind of a big tuna fan. Tuna sandwiches. Tuna melts. Tuna in salad with cherry tomatoes and some dill. Heck, my mom even does this thing where she’ll toss in a can (or two, we’re a lot in my family) of tuna with Kraft Dinner and some vegetables and while, at least as much as I can remember, my sisters detest that dish, I’m a fan of it. And if you just made a face at that, don’t knock it til you try it because it just might surprise you. To sum up: I like tuna. And I made a tuna sandwich. With brie. This is all sorts of fancy here, guys. Continue reading


International Women’s Day (Also: The Story of My Mother)


I don’t normally post on Saturdays,  but since it’s International Women’s Day (well, when I started this post, it was), I figured, “Why the heck not?” and so here we are.  (To be completely honest, I really just wanted to post for my Things I’m Loving bit because I found so many cool things that were so relevant to today, so I actually have nothing real planned out to write, so bear with me! Also check out everything below because they are super neat and awesome and inspirational and kick ass women doing things!)

I have to say that I was lucky growing up and being a girl. I mean, ridiculously, superbly, out of this world lucky. Of course, that’s not something I knew at the time and wasn’t until I left home and started talking to people and started expanding my reading and hearing people’s stories. But, I was. Starting off with my mother. Continue reading

Madrid, Spain

On a Saturday Night



Saturday was good. It was easy. It was a ‘spend the day in your pajamas because everyone went out last night and no one’s alive yet’ kind of day followed by Alex and I buying sandwich supplies from Ahorra Mas because he could not wait for dinner and sitting on a cold, slightly damp stone bench at Principe Pio waiting for another friend to arrive for dinner. (Naturally he wasn’t all that hungry by the time it came to order.)  Madrid was chilly and slightly damp and kids were running through the puddles in front of us.  We stopped in front of a restaurant we told each other we’ll have to try in the future. We came back to Rivas and finally stopped in at that tapas bar on my street and Alex hit his head on his beer glass and I didn’t fall off my stool, so all in all, it was a wonderful evening.  Continue reading


Favourite Photogs: Gerda Taro


Gerda Taro was born Gerta Pohorylle to a Jewish-Galician family in Stuttgart. She fled Nazi occupied Germany  for Paris in 1934, where she met Friedmann Endre. He taught her photography and together the two of them invented Robert Capa and Gerda Taro as a ruse to earn more money off their photographs, as Americans were paid more than Europeans for their work.  They were found out, but the two of them kept their altered names, the names they eventually became famous by.  Continue reading