France, Plateau D'Assy etc.

The Mountain Top View


I went for a hike last Saturday. The sun was finally out and it was nice out and I actually didn’t need my jacket. So that got rolled up and threaded through my backpack belt and I trekked up and up and you know, that’s something that I could get used to. Maybe not every day, but something as a once a week thing, when it’s time to stretch your legs, really stretch your legs, so that you feel it a couple of hours after you’ve gotten back and after you’ve curled up on the couch and read your book for a while. (Or in my case, it’s National Geographic (France) and Lonely Planet Magazine. I don’t know if I’m there for the information or the photographs or the pull out mini-guides. Probably all of it because I’m greedy like that.)

Things I’m Loving:

+ What a good traveller needs – (I like to think I’m getting there.)

+ This trip idea – (One of the other au pairs brought it up as a way to spend a week this summer. I’m heavily considering it.)

+ These tips for expats – (Since I’m one and most of the people I know are as well, these are helpful.)

+ These animal notecards – (I’m running out of cards for letters and who wouldn’t want a little mail bag carrying rabbit to start their day off right?)

France, Plateau D'Assy etc.

Where Winter Lives


I said there were mountains and snow and pine trees. And I am here to present all of that. (I’m missing the skiing, I know. We’ll get there. Eventually.) The top couple of pictures are taken in Charmonix, a ski-resort-town about half an hour, 45 minutes from here. The bottom two were taken in Plateau D’Assy, where I am.

(I lie. The second last one was taken from the high way somewhere between Passy and Plateau D’Assy while I was walking back because I got off at the wrong bus stop. Which is not like in normal places and it’s just a couple of blocks. No. We’re talking a 7km mistake there. I learned my lesson though and got in a good work out. The last one though IS taken from one of the windows of the house. Yeah, that’s my daily view.)

I don’t know how I feel about mountains yet. This is my first time spending any sort of time around them, never mind living around them and I’m a prairie girl. While where I’m from (now), there are trees and hills and it’s not flat flat, you can still see the sky for three days and vehicles coming up the road and there’s room to stretch. I’m not generally claustrophobic, but I also wouldn’t be entirely surprised if I start Google image searching ‘Saskatchewan’ every once in awhile, either.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This article – (My dad passed on his love for sci-fi and literature.)

+ This photographer – (She reminds me of Brian Ferry, though more refined.)

+ This advice – (Neil Gaiman hitting all the nails on the head.)

+ These wedding photographs – (Absolutely stunning.)