Madrid, Spain

Remembering Skating


I wasn’t one of those kids who was skating before she could walk. I’m not even really sure how old I was before my parents strapped my feet into a pair of skates. I am a winter baby though, so I’m sure it was sooner rather than later. What I do remember, though, is that I loved it. I have memories of my family at Bud Miller, me in a burgundy snowsuit, hot pink helmet (how times have changed), little white figure skates and my dad giving me a head start before catching up, scooping me up as he skated the two of us to the edge of the lake.   Continue reading

London, Travel

All the Nerdy Things


I have a couple of notes in my planner that go along the lines of, “Did nuffin but sat on the couch,” and, “HUMID AS TAIWAN! D:”Which is not a thing I would write lightly because I have memories of lying on the tiled floor of our apartment in Taiwan, wondering if people in humid countries had secret gills because otherwise I didn’t understand how they breathed with so much water in the air. So because I am unfortunately not that mix of human fish that is apparently needed to live close to the ocean, we had a few days of nothing. Which was fine, because other days were like this where we did ALL OF THE THINGS and it all just balanced out.  Continue reading

Sweden, Travel

Hello Stockholm

IMG_7721After a full day in Copenhagen, we headed back to Lund, made lunches for the next day, called a taxi, packed our bags and headed to bed. Our train the next morning had a 5:25 departure and we arrived in Stockholm at 9:40 and we started exploring. Unfortunately, the place we rented wasn’t available until after 16:00, which meant that we ended up walking around Stockholm with our backpacks firmly on our backs.

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Copenhagen, Travel

Goodbye Copenhagen


If you like food (which, really, should be everybody because otherwise I don’t know how this friendship is going to work) and you’re in Copenhagen, you need to check out Torvehallerne. When I say ‘need’, I don’t say it in a casual, ‘if you want to’ kind of way. I mean it in a ‘you’ll be missing out on pretty things and food if you don’t’ kind of way.  Continue reading

Copenhagen, Travel

Hello Copenhagen


This post took a little longer to put together because a.) there are a freaking lot of photos to add and b.) there are some similarities between Copenhagen and Stockholm and I wasn’t quite sure which pictures belonged to which city. Which is easily solved by checking the dates they were taken, right? But that’s wrong if your camera, at some point, without you knowing or realizing, had an issue and all photos now say they were taken Wednesday July 24. A day when, well, I wasn’t even in Sweden. #firstworldproblems right there guys. Fortunately, I am a super sleuth and figured out which pictures are from where and what day and voila! disaster diverted.  Continue reading