The Difference is in the Details

The details of the house we rented. It reminded me of Anne’s house in Anne of the Island, the one that looks like it grew out of the ground, with Gog and Magog at the fireplace. ANYWAYS.

1.) curtains
2.) bedspread
3.) bath curtain
4.) scarf
5.) my collection of glasses
6.) Kentucky Derby glasses (2003)
7.) glass swan
8.) chair by the fireplace
9.) couch
10.) pillow detail
11. & 12.) the most adorable doorknobs of ever.
13.) collection of wine glasses

Things I’m Loving:

+ Little Odd Forest – They make bags/cushions/etc that are fairy tale related. They’re all so perfect for fall, and, after Halloween, there is Christmas. Personally, I love The Moustachy Gnome. He seems so cheery!
+ Fall themed mixtapes
+ Billowing Sea by Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo – The by-the-ocean bits in this video are perfection.
+ Top 10 Beach Cities – National Geographic makes me want to pack up once more. This time for the beaches (well, the cities around the beaches, really.) Then again, this is par for the course. The pictures of Brazil, Australia, and Israel are my favourite.


So What IS Early?

 You know what time of the day is early? Guess, please. If you’re a college/university student, 10:00 am is early. But what’s really early is 5:00 am. Yeah, now I have your attention.
We met with another photographer of the BloodHorse to watch warm ups/practices for the upcoming Breeder’s Cup next week. And I truly learned what early is. Not only that, but it was cold. And windy. And all my winter clothing is up in Canada.
(My friend Mallory is also not impressed, apparently.)
Things I learned:
– be careful what you photograph: horses are ridiculously sensitive to shutter sounds
– the cold + lenses /=/ happy sounds when shooting
– even though I’m Canadian, I am still sensitive to cold. But I am okay with that.
– horses make the most ridiculous faces. They really, truly do.
– I might actually end up missing said horses when I go home. Tomorrow.
Things I’m Loving:
+ GoodPrattle – Which is a wonderful site that does interviews with actors/musicians/directors/etc and just published an article I wrote on the Toronto International Film Festival.
+ Lawson’s Books – An independent publishing house whose first book is one containing Brian Ferry’s photography. I’m ordering mine as soon as it’s available: November 2nd. You should as well.
+ Cute & friendly Starbucks baristas.
+ Zombie by Jay Brannan

Caution: Stallions Bite

 More horse farms this morning. Which was a bit dreary with the rain coming down on and off, but Kentucky’s so beautiful, even in the rain that I didn’t mind too much. (Minus the parental worries I had for my camera, that is.)
Lane’s End is where the pictures above were taken. Even with the cool and rainy weather we had a large group for the tour (which tested my nerves as people would try to pet the stallions. Seeing someone being bitten before noon was not on my list of things to do.). All of our guides have been amazing and this one was no exception.
Fall does not show up like this in Canada. I mean, it does, but we don’t have the winding roads and the leaves seem to fall off quite quickly and they’re not as bright? I don’t know, but I love it.

Gainesway farm has got to be my favourite farm that we’ve seen, hands down, perfection. All the barns have the peaked roofs, white walls, and the big rolling doors. The mix of brick, stone, metal, wood. The stalls for the horses are amazing. It’s like a fairy tale farm, to be honest. The rain was not a problem here. Mallory and I could have hung around for a lot longer, but we got hungry and came back.

Things I’m Loving:

+ EliseJoy – I love journalling. In high school it was a daily project for me and I loved it. Elise does such a wonderful job of it, I’m more than tempted to pick it back up soon.
+ Keeneland Ties – What do you buy fathers? Ties! I loved them all and then I wished he would wear a bowtie because those? Those are even cooler.
+ Ryu Sha – I cannot shoot sports to save my life. (Maybe I just need more practice…) but this guy? I look through his stuff about once a week, whether it’s been updated or not, and just…bask. His football photographs make me smile ridiculously large smiles. They really do.
+ Chips & Dip – My kryptonite snack at the moment.



 It’s been more than slightly busy the last few days. My friend’s had tours booked at several horse farms,  the names of which escape me at the moment, to be honest. I have enjoyed it, even though I may not have the utmost passion for the horses housed there, learning about it all has been quite interesting.
 The pictures above were all taken at one farm or another. These ‘farms’ seem more like estates than horse farms. The gates, the fences, the barns: they’re all beautiful and immaculately kept. Fountains and trees, bridges and pathways, it’s all absolutely stunning and breath taking. We came here at the best time of the year as we’ll drive to these farms along winding, narrow roads and all along the sides are these trees with all their fall leaves and we’re talking of never leaving.
The two pictures above and the first one to this entry are from the Kentucky Horse Park. We got to stay a few hours, did a trail ride, wanted to visit the tack shop, which was unfortunately closed, and missed the museum because we had to leave so it could close, but we loved what little time we did have. Also: my horse’s name was Hidalgo. WIN!
Reason why I’m never leaving? Because the food here is mindblowingly delicious. MINDBLOWINGLY DELICIOUS! I love it all and the waitresses we’ve had so far have been absolutely fantastic and the southern hospitality? Perfection.
Things I’m Loving:
+ Flawed Design [Loki] – I love Loki as a character (devilish as anything gets me, apparently) and this song, especially the remix of this song, fits him so well.
+ The Green Soccer Journal – I need to spend more time perusing this, but everything I’ve seen? So. Much. Love. Football fans: go. Read it. Love it.
+ Tomato Curry Leaves Soup – I love fall. I love soup. I love fall and soup. The two just seem to go hand in hand. And I really want to try this. The pictures make it look so delicious and perfect for fall.

+ October thunderstorms in Kentucky


Horse Tales (Tails?)

    Q:  What do you do when your friend randomly asks you to go to Kentucky with her for Reading Week?
    A: You say yes and go with!
   Mallory and I left Saturday evening and arrived around 9:00 am Sunday morning, power napped, and hit Keeneland race track later that day. Exhausted as I was, there are no pictures (that I’m willing to show) to say I was there (the preppy and adorable racing silks sweater I bought does).
     This morning saw us headed to Fasig-Tipton for their first day of their Fall Yearlings auction and I did get some pictures.
I am not a horse person. At all.  Not when compared to my friend, but even I could definitely appreciate the beauty of the horses we saw this morning. Especially since everything was bathed in a beautiful fall morning light.
 While I definitely am not a horse photographer (my friend is. She’s interning at BloodHorse. Next issue will have her work. GO!), photographing them is proving to be an invigorating challenge. Bring it on!
(I promise I’ll bring pictures of Lexington. It’s too gorgeous to not!)
Things I’m Loving:
+ Photographers Skeen – Kendi keeps a fashion blog, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized her husband was a photographer. The wedding photographs he takes make me consider the trade, they’re so simplistically beautiful.
+ Jane Eyre – The movie’s nice, the book’s nicer. I’ve been reading it in waiting rooms, in line, in the car, during horse auctions.
+ Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – When you go to Kentucky, with a horse person, you listen to soundtracks of horse movies. Homeland and Here I Am are my favourites.
+ Poketo – I need a new wallet. This one is fantastic and wonderful. As are the rest of the items in the shop. Go poke around for a bit (was that a bit corny?) and you’ll find something to love.