Good Things, Misc.

Good Things


1. We went skating Saturday night and even though my feet were sore and I could barely walk Sunday, I loved every minute of it.
2. My Grandma sent her Christmas card and it made me smile.
3. Sunday’s final tapas as we watched football and drank beer.
4. New jeans. Almost nothing better than new jeans.


Things I’m Loving:

+ An adorable printable – (For anyone who still has a letter to Santa to write.)
+ Get your trip sponsored – (Like Kickstarter, except for travelling. HOW COOL WOULD THIS BE?!)
+ Recommended reading – (To make you think.)
+ Wannabe Hacks – (For aspiring journalists.)

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Taking Things Slow



We didn’t wander too far on this trip out, partly because my feet hurt but mostly because I hadn’t really stopped moving in almost two weeks, between leaving France and getting back to London. So, we gazed upon Tower Bridge and wandered around Shoreditch.  Continue reading

Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Drink


A really quick post to kick off the weekend. I figured since I skipped out on most of this week and am going to be a little busy until about Wednesday evening, I’d try and make up the difference this weekend.

So, I’m aware of the concept of fruit in wine. It’s not an entirely new idea to me. However, when my HM quickly sliced up a peach into a small glass, sprinkled some sugar on top before pouring wine over all of it, I realized how great of a sunny summer drink it would be. The peaches in the house are a little past ripe, so the fruit juice mixes a bit with the wine and the sugar helps to sweeten it all up. Quick, easy, a little fancy and perfect for the weekend!

Things I’m Loving:

+ These shortalls – (Or these overalls. To go with these.)
+ Download this for your computer – (To save your eyes.)
+ Fairytales – (For an afternoon of reading.)
+ Journalist Express – (For all you journalism people out there.)

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Well Spent Weekend


I ended up with a mini break this weekend, which resulted mostly because I kept oversleeping and they let me. Which was nice since I’m still not sleeping well, and while I’m glad that that’s the only form my stress is taking, it’s still rather annoying and I wish it would stop. But! I did end up with some time just for myself, and it was lovely and perfect and the sun was shining and so, naturally: everything I didn’t know I needed until it was there and I decided to take advantage of it.*  Continue reading