France, Paris

Promenading in Paris


At the bottom of Montmartre there’s a carousal and a little kiosk with postcards and paintings (my mother has similar ones from her trip years back that hangs in the bathroom), little streets stuffed with shops. After that it was down to the other side of the Seine and I walked around looking at churches and political buildings until it was time to go here for drinks with some expats, which was something I really needed. (Both the drinks and conversation with people who understood English.)

We’ve all heard people talking about Paris in the fall (if you haven’t, where have you been?) and I can absolutely understand why. As much as I like fall back home (and I really like fall back home), I like how it’s different here. Maybe because of the city’s age or maybe because even with all the city around, fall still finds a way to colourfully be there.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This infographic – (Because even disappointing teams have memorable players.)

+ This video – (Glad to see this is coming together.)

+ These tips – (I am not a morning person. Not even a little.)

+ This podcast – (Talking about photography? Yes please.)


Birthday Parties: The French Version


We went to the grandparents’ house last night for for the mother’s birthday party. I, unfortunately, have no pictures because I didn’t take my camera. Because of reasons. But oh I wish I had. There was a blue styrofoam boat that took up a quarter of the table and was filled, was beyond filled, with seafood. Clams, mussels, shrimp (and not those tiny ones we Canadians buy on a ring. With eyes and feet and everything.)  and snails. Then there was chicken and sausage. Followed by cheese (I found a new favourite) and then dessert. I love eating. I eat everything on my plate, always. And yet, I couldn’t finish my dessert because I had been eating for four hours. I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten for four hours straight but if you haven’t, it’s like a race, with pacing yourself and whatnot,  and I was never really good at that.

The unending line of wine bottles is something I’m recommending my family should take up as a tradition. Just for special occasions, you know?

But because I can’t show you all that, have some photos of adorable children drawing pictures. It’s almost as good as the never ending French buffet of seafood and wine. (Almost.)

This also means I now have standards for my next birthday. High standards.


Things I’m Loving:

+ This shirt – (In navy. I like stripes. And long sleeves.)

+ These photographs – (I will learn how to capture this one day. I will, I will, I will.)

+ Also these photographs – (I always had a tough time with street photography, no matter how much I like it.)

+ This infographic – (I am terrible with time differences. Absolutely terrible. This should help.)