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All the Good Things


After on/off rain all day yesterday, followed by a few minutes of hail, we were rewarded with this amazing sight.

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France, Plateau D'Assy etc., Weekend Round-Up

Well Spent Weekend


I ended up with a mini break this weekend, which resulted mostly because I kept oversleeping and they let me. Which was nice since I’m still not sleeping well, and while I’m glad that that’s the only form my stress is taking, it’s still rather annoying and I wish it would stop. But! I did end up with some time just for myself, and it was lovely and perfect and the sun was shining and so, naturally: everything I didn’t know I needed until it was there and I decided to take advantage of it.*  Continue reading

France, Misc.

Europe: The Reaction .Gif Edition

So I did a thing. Your regularly scheduled program (or not so regularly scheduled program, however you want to describe this programming) has been interrupted and is instead replaced with reaction .gifs! Originally this was going to be cut into two parts, one part specifically dealing with French reactions and the other general European reactions, but then it all got super mixed in together and so I just Kanye shrugged and let it. I’ll still probably do a follow up to this because reactions to a lot of stuff I say/do/see/etc is quite gif-reaction-able and that should be shared because funny things should always be shared.

When you first realized you’d have to pay to use  some washrooms:


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