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Turning Torsos & Football


After sight-seeing in Lund,  Agneta and I went to Malmö with her daughter, Niki and her boyfriend, Martin. Originally it was supposed to be a day trip (plus I had a list of things I wanted to see), but the weather was super gross and it was  a Sunday, so it was decided we’d go in the early afternoon instead, about an hour before kick off.  Continue reading


Golden Stickers


Earlier this week, Joy the Baker wrote a post that I agreed with so hard I almost fell off my chair while reading it. (Maybe not the bit about loving kale though.) But the first part. The part about getting an award for being an adult. For the little things. For writing back the same day that I got those letters. For folding the laundry as soon as it came out of the dryer, even though you had all day to do it. For going through the pile of things you’ve put off going through and reading and getting rid of.

I think if we got rewards for some of the small things, some of the bigger things might be a little easier. Things like:  getting up with your alarm clock, without hitting the snooze button, even though you were up all night because even though you never dream, you definitely did last night. And that always means you don’t sleep well. Because as much as you wanted to, you didn’t walk around in sweatpants all day. You got it together, had a shower and got dressed. Because no matter how much you want this new change, it’s making you anxious and worried but you did not book tickets to go back home.

I want homemade cookies for that. Or a high five. I will take a golden star sticker for that, even. Because sometimes it’s not just single days that are hard, where you go, “Only five hours until they’re in bed,” and it’s not just a couple of days that are hard. Sometimes it’s weeks. And sometimes you know that they’re going to be hard and you think you see the end but, all of a sudden, there’s extra time added and you just want to lay in bed and not move. Because that would be so much easier and possibly make you feel better. Especially if there’s chocolate involved. But you didn’t because that wouldn’t solve anything, unfortunately.

But give me four months. Because, guaranteed, when I look back at this, I’ll chuckle at it and say it wasn’t all that bad and see? Things worked out. So I’m going to hold on to me laughing at myself. Even though that might make me crazy, it’s better than me giving up.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This video – (Because girls playing football and taking names while doing it get my seal of approval like whoa.)

+ These renovations – (I want a house like this now. I would even attempt to help fix it. Maybe not the BEST help, but I’d try!)

+ These sites – (Planning on a few trips while I’m in Europe and since I’m doing it broke, I need all the help I can get.)

+ This article – (My friend and I are sending each other articles to discuss over Skype every Monday. This is the one she picked out for this week. Can’t wait!)