Good Things

Good Things



1. Yesterday it was +17 (Celsius) and Lauren and I spent the day hitting up famous spots in Madrid for my Flat Stanley project.
2. We went out for dinner last weekend and it was delicious.
3. Words of encouragement and a replacement drivers licence and transport abono in the mail this week. Made me smile.
4. Finally got my hands on soy milk and I’d forgotten how delicious it is!

Things I’m Loving:

+ Foreign Romance Films – (In honour of Valentine’s Day.)
+ Roads & Kingdoms – (An awesome travel journalism site. Check it out!)
+ The Debrief – (For 20-something women. Also amazing, also check it out.)
+ Raspberry Slab Pie – (How delicious does that just sound?!)


Christmas Films to Watch


Honesty time: out of these four, Holiday Inn and The Muppets Christmas Carol are my two must watches. In a ‘this needs to happen or else it’s not a proper Christmas season’ kind of way. And when I’m at home, I go old old school and watch them on VHS. On one hand it’s because we don’t own them on DVD and on the other it’s because there’s just something comforting about watching the same tape you’ve been watching since you were little. It’s a tradition and I’m all about keeping those.

Things I’m Loving:

This looks absolutely beautiful – (I could look through it for hours.)
10 fun presents under $25 – (To help you with those people you’re not sure about.)
+  A Dinner: A Love Story gift guide – (Probably my favourite that I’ve found so far!)
+ Peppermint Chocolate Crackles – (These look like they’d be fun to make with kids.)

Au Pairing

Au Pair Lessons: Not All Families are the Same



You would think that this little factoid would be obvious. And it is. Kind of.  The thing is,  living with a family that is not your own requires you to become a sort of mental gymnast and become flexible. It’s about new ways of thinking and seeing things. The tricky bit is that the things you have to be flexible about and see in a different light are normally the mundane bits of life you don’t really stop to think about.  Continue reading

Sweden, Travel

Hello Stockholm

IMG_7721After a full day in Copenhagen, we headed back to Lund, made lunches for the next day, called a taxi, packed our bags and headed to bed. Our train the next morning had a 5:25 departure and we arrived in Stockholm at 9:40 and we started exploring. Unfortunately, the place we rented wasn’t available until after 16:00, which meant that we ended up walking around Stockholm with our backpacks firmly on our backs.

Continue reading