France, Paris

Typical Tourist


Basically: you don’t go to Paris and not see some things. Those things are: Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. That’s bordering on sacrilegious and that’s not something I was willing to mess with. I had some time before I met the expats on Saturday night and the bar was a ten minute walk from Notre Dame so I headed over. My camera actually died shortly after those shots were taken, which means that I’ll have to go back another time. Because brain imploding beauty should be attempted at being captured. (I think that sentence makes sense.) I walked everywhere Sunday (I do mean everywhere. If I’d thought this through, I’d have Photoshopped you all a little map of where I’ve been. Maybe for tomorrow’s post.) and ended up having one of those ~moments while staring at the Eiffel Tower that essentially consisted of me going, “Eleven year old me is so jealous,” and, “Holy crap, I’m here, I’m actually freaking here.” They also have the Buddy Bears in the park right now, so I went and found the France and Canada ones and I have got to say: I get the Canadian one but come on. Some of them are absolutely breathtaking and then you get to Canada and go, “I’m sorry,” like a true Canadian would.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This site – (Because laughing is good.)

+ These photographs – (Interesting documentary idea.)

+ These thoughts – (Remembering good things are good.)

+ This recipe – (I miss pumpkin. Everyone else is getting overloaded and I get none. Sigh.)