Colour Palette: Streets of Seville


It’s been awhile since I’ve done that first colour palette and I figured it was time to get back on that train. This was one of my favourite photos from my trip to Seville and the bright colours were great for doing a palette. I’ll definitely have to make sure I get a few more of these in over the coming weeks!


Things I’m Loving:

+ Damien Rice’s new album – (In full.)
+ This interview – (Con mi San Iker.)
+ This scarf – (Because it’s getting chilly out there.)
+ Perfect fall pie – (Always a must.)


Colour Palette: Málaga Marina


I’ve been wanting to make one of these colour palettes for awhile and finally decided to Google it. (Here’s the guide I used.)  After fooling around with it for awhile, I came up with the above and am quite pleased with it. I shot this photo while I was in Málaga for the weekend, an impromptu trip for my last weekend in the area. More to come!


Things I’m Loving:

+ This lovely zine – (For colours and art.)
+ How to organize your freezer – (For those of you who have one.)
+ S’More Cupcakes – (Because it’s still summer.)
+ This post about Madrid – (Because it’s all the things I love too.)