There & Back Again: A Non-Hobbit Story of Coming Home to Canada


Oh, boy. It’s been a crazy, crazy month. And I still have to catch you all up on what happened before I left Spain (was that actually over a month ago?! How?). But, we have time and it will probably happen slowly as I try and figure out some sort of system for not making myself completely mental having a blog and a full time job. I know there’s loads of you out there who manage it, so I will as well, it’s just going to be a bit of a period of figuring out how that looks for me. For now, however, I’ll be providing a fairly short rundown of what happened coming home and what I’m up to now and then will, as I said, slooooowly (but not too slowly), backtrack to the rest, as well as a few other things I’ve been planning for awhile.  Continue reading


Favourite Photogs: Jalani Morgan


My best friend and I will send each other emails with links to random stuff we think the other will find interesting. She always does an amazing job of finding some of the coolest stuff on the internet and about a month ago sent me the link to this post about Jalani Morgan‘s portrait work. I’m so glad she did because his work is so captivating. Morgan does such a great job of producing work that engages with the viewer and really pulls you into what he’s shooting, what he’s trying to say.

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Food, Misc.

Sweet Strawberries


I don’t know where all this food photography is coming from, guys. On one hand I feel as if I should apologize because I’m either making you hungry or else making you confused. Potentially a combination of both hungry and confused and there is almost nothing worse than that. (I had a math class just before lunch, so that specific combination of feelings is very well known to me.) But! What I’m doing these days is eating food in the sun, sunning myself as if I was a cat or else cursing at my computer screen because of course too much sun means it gets all glare-y and impossible to look at.  Ugh, how dare it do that while I’m trying to mix work and pleasure? (Because yes, eating sugar covered strawberries is a pleasure, of course it is!)  And if you’re not lucky enough to be quite out of that winter wonderland that is apparently still kicking around, know I’m wishing warm weather your way.


Things I’m Loving:

+ How to know you’re Canadian – (ALL OF THESE. All of them.)
+ Food in Spain – (I am so here for the croquettes. My favourite.)
+ Steam in the Willows – (A remake of the classic story. So well done!)
+ Sweet & Salmon – (My favourite fish with an awesome recipe!)


Favourite Photogs: Dustin Aksland

aksland_willis_earl_beal_2Awhile back in my ‘Things I’m Loving” I linked to Popfoto, a site for photographers on photography. One of the main things they do is interview other photographers, which I absolutely love. It’s so interesting to read about how other people got to where they are and what influences and inspires them.  Included in the interview, of course, is a preview of the photographer’s work. I love the format because it mixes words and breaks up what could just be an endless stream of photography and helps put some of it into context. I’ve had Dustin Aksland‘s interview in my tabs for what feels like ages (it’s only been a few days), but I’m really glad I finally sat down and read it.

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