[about coffee]


One of the first things I ever learned in Spanish was how to order my coffee. “Café con leche, por favor.” I’d often have to repeat it since I’d say it so quietly the first time around and the r’s on my ‘por favor’ would get stuck in my throat as I tried to roll them out just right. (I figured that would be the least of my issues, rolling r’s. Except French r’s purr and Spanish ones roll and as much as you might not think there’s a difference, there is.)  Continue reading

Good Things, Misc.

Good Things


1. Letters with pretty penmanship.
2. After slogging through this for over two months, we finally finished it Wednesday!
3. I’ve gotten some calls for English lessons.
4. Fruity drinks in the morning, now with strawberries!
5. Good friends bond over football, great friends give you their Mesut Özil poster from the middle of the footie magazine.  Continue reading

Madrid, Spain

On a Saturday Night



Saturday was good. It was easy. It was a ‘spend the day in your pajamas because everyone went out last night and no one’s alive yet’ kind of day followed by Alex and I buying sandwich supplies from Ahorra Mas because he could not wait for dinner and sitting on a cold, slightly damp stone bench at Principe Pio waiting for another friend to arrive for dinner. (Naturally he wasn’t all that hungry by the time it came to order.)  Madrid was chilly and slightly damp and kids were running through the puddles in front of us.  We stopped in front of a restaurant we told each other we’ll have to try in the future. We came back to Rivas and finally stopped in at that tapas bar on my street and Alex hit his head on his beer glass and I didn’t fall off my stool, so all in all, it was a wonderful evening.  Continue reading


Introducing: Sailor

Sailor_finalThis has been sitting on my desktop for months. Just this. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. A name, a tagline, a somewhat edited cover that I’m actually quite fond of and that went through more revisions that you would probably believe.  A million mistakes went into this (the biggest one being: I didn’t save various edits as separate .psd docs and had to completely redo it. More than once. I feel there’s a lesson to be learned about the fact that I have a hard time learning the first time, but I digress.) and I am ridiculously proud of it, but also: I haven’t continued.  Partly because I don’t know exactly what I want from/for it and that stresses me out a little bit, but also because I don’t know if I can do this (whatever this turns out to be).

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