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Goodbye Stockholm/Hello Linköping


Our second day in Stockholm consisted of me forgetting my water bottle in the fridge after we’d dropped the keys off (followed by two weeks of me occasionally going, “I really wish I had my water bottle,” to the annoyance of Vimbai), exploring more of Gamla Stan, heading to Drottninggatan to see if I could maybe find a water bottle (I didn’t. It was too soon and my standards high.) as well as a place to print off our tickets for our football match later that day in Linköping.  Continue reading

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Annecy: Re-Visited

IMG_7104This week has been wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten to say that lately, so let me repeat: this week has been wonderful. It’s been sunny and we’ve been outside a lot. Impromptu picnics and then yesterday I spent the day in Annecy.  Continue reading

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Unfortunate Things & Fig Bread


Remember how in my post the other day I said I wanted my mom to send me mail? Well, she didn’t but my sister did and it was great. But it was unfortunate because apparently the postperson got hungry delivering mail and decided to have a snack.  Though, that wasn’t the most unfortunate thing to happen to me this week, unfortunately…. Continue reading