All Settled In & Sunday Drives in the Country

Eight-year-old Adam Smith and his 10-year-old Liam play in the Meeting Creek grain elevator during Alberta Open Farm Days. The brothers explored the elevator and the old train station as their mother helped out with the activities planned throughout the day in Meeting Creek, Alta. on Sunday August 23, 2015. Amielle Christopherson/Camrose Canadian/Postmedia NetworkIt’s quarter to eleven and I have banana bread baking in the oven because I realized I had way too many bananas and knew, I just knew, that if I put it off until tomorrow, it wouldn’t get made. So, out came the bowls and the measuring cups and the mixing spoons and in less than 20 minutes, in it went. And I’ve been finishing knocking things off my to-do list as I’m waiting and I knew, just knew, what else I had to get done, since the thought of sitting down and writing a blog post didn’t make me want to slam my laptop shut and not look at another photo ever again.  Continue reading