Mijas, Spain

Ocean Fog


In my Good Things post last week, I mentioned fog coming off the ocean. There’s been some fog here in the evenings, but I haven’t seen anything like this. It started rolling in slowly. I was having a drink on the terrace of Bar Boru and you could see the fog curling in. I had my camera with me and decided to head down to the beach to see about getting some photos. I was only there about 20 minutes and it’s crazy how quickly it went from the above photo to the last one. It was beautiful though, a little haunting, but beautiful.

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Mijas, Spain

An Ocean Serenade


Ironically, I spend more time at the pool than the beach, even if it’s a five minute walk away . I’m one of those people I said I would never be and yet, here I am. When I do get there, though, it makes me want to stay and never leave.  I see people on paddle boards and white sails out where the sky meets the ocean and there’s a whisper that goes, “That, that’s what I want to do.” I could (and do) spend hours just staring at it, the waves rolling forward and pulling back and the water changing colour from one blink to the next: brown, blue, green, white and when the sun hits it, yellow and orange. It reminds me of home, in a weird way. Change the ocean for fields and it’s kind of the same thing: this endless expanse that makes you wonder what you’d find if you go far enough.  Continue reading

Food, Mijas, Spain

Fish Food & Salty Seas


When you live next to the ocean, a lot of seafood ends up on your plate. Bought fresh that day from the man at the market with the thick hands and warm smile who carefully wraps them up and seals the paper shut with tape. Deep fried sardines that are picked apart with clumsy fingers that stop being so clumsy after they get used to the small bodies and tiny spines in the middle. A pile of discarded heads and tails growing along the edge of the plate, salt and olive oil coating fingers that get unapologetically stuck in your mouth because this is fun eating and napkins just slow the process down. Continue reading

Mijas, Spain

Hello, Mijas


It’s been a couple of weeks and I haven’t really posted anything since I’ve moved to Mijas. It’s been..it’s been nice. Calm. Quiet. The wind comes off the ocean a bit strong, but the sun is hot above and the air smells of salt if you turn your nose just right. The sand gets hot during afternoon and cheap, coloured flip flops are the way to go. The houses are stark white against the clear blue sky, the sunset a soft watercolour of pinks and purples behind it all.  Continue reading

Good Things, Mijas, Spain

Good Things (Through 5 Senses)


I have so much to catch up on and I’m working on doing that. I’ve been slowly (so, so slowly it feels) working on some longer posts, the first of which you saw yesterday, with my Au Pair 101 post. There’s a few more I have planned out through the rest of the summer, as I try to sum up what I’ve learned being abroad as I prepare to head back to Canada. There’s quite a bit! So, for today, have a breather for me. I’m going simple for right now because anything else is making my head ache and it’s summer, the exact time of the year where simple is exactly what we’re looking for. For the time being, I’m suspending my #100happydays Friday posts in favour of something simpler (inspired a little bit by this post).

My Five Senses:

Hear:  Sea birds
The best fish and chips I’ve had in Spain 
Touch: The curved and ridged backs of collected sea shells
Vacationers running to meet the oncoming waves
Smell: The salt off the ocean


Things I’m Loving:

+ The book lovers World Cup – (this is so amazing!)
+ Illustrated recipes – (So wonderful.)
+ This playlist – (To get your weekend started.)
+ Paper projects – (If you’re feeling DIY-ish.)