Good Things

Good Things


Hear: This playlist. On repeat.
Taste: Homemade tortilla and breakfast churros.
Touch: New pens and new journals.
See: The beach, after several days away.
Smell: Ripe melons.

Things I’m Loving:

+ A sweet contest – (Because who doesn’t like new things?)
+ Add a touch of indigo – (
+ Food art photography – (Two of my favourite things in one spot. Yay!)
+ I’d read this – (I need to get back to my fantasy roots.)

I’ve also started to participate in the The Lotus Creative’s Daily Diaries posts (for some reason the button won’t load properly when I try to include it). Head on over and check it out!

Good Things

Good Things


Hear:¬†Fuengirola’s Pop¬†Weekend
Taste: Homemade iced coffee
Touch: Sunscreen that smells like peaches
See: This stack of great books
Smell: Fire smoke


Things I’m Loving:

+ This trailer
+ The New Yorker – (Very excited for this!)
+ Blackberry Cheesecake Ice Cream – (What part of this doesn’t sound perfect?)
+ Current dream outfit

Good Things, Misc.

Good Things


Hear: This song.
Taste: Salmorejo. Every day for lunch. Perfection.
Touch: Sand between my toes and the backs of my knees.
See: Accidentally watched four episodes of Mistresses with my host mom. Always here for Alyssa Milano.
Smell:¬†Hot pavement. (Yes, it’s a smell.)


Things I’m Loving:

+ The Illustrated World Cup – (For the lolz.)
+ Flip book – (Always impressed by these.
+ Travel themed tattoos – (Looking for inspiration.)
+ Spicy Tortilla Soup – (Hot soup for hot days.)

Good Things

Good Things


Hear: Music cranked high in cars driving by
Taste: Coca-Cola with lemon while sitting on restaurant terraces
Touch: Leather bags hanging side by side
See: The Spanish countryside as I drove by to Granada.
Smell: BBQs burning late in the evening

Things I’m Loving:

+¬†I’d love to hang this on my wall¬†– (Though¬†all their products¬†are great.)
+ Behind the scenes Р(So handsome.)
+¬†This summery postcard¬†– (If you’re feeling like mailing something.)
+ Anatomy of a blog post Р(Interesting to see how another blogger sets up her posts.))

Good Things, Mijas, Spain

Good Things (Through 5 Senses)


I have so much to catch up on and I’m working on doing that. I’ve been slowly (so, so slowly it feels) working on some longer posts, the first of which you saw yesterday, with my Au Pair 101 post. There’s a few more I have planned out through the rest of the summer, as I try to sum up what I’ve learned being abroad as I prepare to head back to Canada. There’s quite a bit! So, for today, have a breather for me. I’m going simple for right now because anything else is making my head ache and it’s summer, the exact time of the year where simple is exactly what we’re looking for. For the time being, I’m suspending my #100happydays Friday posts in favour of something simpler (inspired a little bit by this post).

My Five Senses:

Hear:  Sea birds
The best fish and chips I’ve had in Spain¬†
Touch: The curved and ridged backs of collected sea shells
Vacationers running to meet the oncoming waves
Smell: The salt off the ocean


Things I’m Loving:

+ The book lovers World Cup – (this is so amazing!)
+ Illustrated recipes – (So wonderful.)
+ This playlist – (To get your weekend started.)
+ Paper projects – (If you’re feeling DIY-ish.)