Chartres, France

The Final Seven


These are the last seven pictures I have from Chartres. Which is kind of nice in a,”We’re moving on to new things,” kind of way. More so since I’ll have spent a week out by the ocean, putting time between the whole situation. Hindsight is only 20/20, but I’m glad, now, that I didn’t find a new family right when I wanted to. I don’t think starting anything right away would have been the best idea and besides: there’s an entire ocean I would have missed seeing.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This question – (What are your twelve?)

+ This skirt – (On my things to learn: how to sew. Because this entire site has me wanting to create ALL THE DIY CLOTHES. Ahem.)

+ This gift guide – (This is one of my favourite sites and her themed gift guides (last year’s is here) are brilliant.)

+ These posters – (I am loving the colours!)

Chartres, France

P.S.: There’s More


Posting has been all over the place lately, I know. Hopefully I’ll be getting back into some sort of routine soon. (I’ve found a new family, so that should be sooner rather than later!)

These are some of the last pictures I took before I left Chartres. Some of the little details that I absolutely adored about the house. That’s one of the things I really like: is the little things that people add (to anything, really. Houses, outfits, art.) that make them distinctly theirs. My favourites would have to be the dried hot peppers and the Banania sign. And possibly the chickens on the shelf above the fridge. Also: that’s my favourite scarf. For reasons I don’t understand, I have all these random photos of me wearing it. I think that could be a problem, but I like to think of it as one of those avant garde self portrait things that people do.

I’m here until next Friday, staying on this island and I can see this house from my bedroom window. Since it’s fall, it’s grey and overcast and raining, which I’m secretly kind of loving. (I do have pictures. I’ve just been procrastinating and haven’t uploaded them. I should win an award for how well I do that. Seriously.) I get to wear a yellow fisherman’s rain jacket and have these knee high rain boots and when I walked into Belz last night, everyone was looking at me funny because no one wears anything brighter than navy.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This list of cities to visit – (My list isn’t long enough already.)

+ This song – (I feel like it matches this tiny place very well.)

+ ALL OF THESE – (I’m pretty sure if I had an address to mail things to, I would have already bought this and this. Or else just signed up for the subscription. It’s officially on my Christmas wish list.)

+ This fascinating article – (Because learning languages just really interests me.)

Chartres, France

Saying Good-Bye


I left Chartres Sunday morning. Boarded the train and carted every single thing I own in a big duffel bag suitcase and a blue bag that looks kind of like a dog carrier, actually. Asked for help and was told the wrong platform. Of course I realized this with less than five minutes to my train and even though I did pretty well with the whole packing thing, you try running with over fifty pounds worth of stuff strapped to your body and tell me how much fun you’ve had. (And that happened twice. My shoulder is still sore.)

But before I left, I went out one last time. What’s ironic is that it was the first time I’d ever been out on a Saturday night. Apparently you can buy churros and candy apples from a cart next to five or six flower vendors. And it’s packed. I’ve never seen that many people in the square. Naturally my mouth was full and my hands were full of flowers, so these were the only shots I took.

The first one is the tabac where I would go for my café au lait every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It’s owned by Jean-Michèl who would ask me every Tuesday about how St. Étienne had done over the weekend. He’d ask me what book I was reading or how things were going, about my family or if I was enjoying Chartres. He was really the only other person I talked to and it was…nice to have that.

The other two are just of the square because it’s gorgeous and I really enjoyed people watching there. I mean, I like people watching in general, but I liked sitting on the benches on the side as they’d hurry back and forth. The last one is of this photography installment that they have on biking in Chartres. I’d pass by it almost every day and tell myself that I needed to take a picture of it and yet had never done that. So: I finally did it. Took the picture and of course it’s not the best but at least I did it.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This interview – (I think he’s utterly fantastic and this interview just gave me more feelings than I knew what to do with.)

+ This post – (First of: I love the photographs. Second off: I will be that person with the travel guides and post cards and I’m well on my way as it is.)

+ This idea – (I’ll post up what my winter goals are later this week.)

+ These photographs – (I want them all as prints to hang up on my wall, actually.)

Chartres, France

A Little Bit Bearable


You know that moment when you realize that the day has been going really well and now it’s starting to not go so well? Mine happened at about 4:15 this afternoon, after I’d been waiting in line for a half hour already to talk about getting my own cellphone set up. There were still two people ahead of me in line and the people who were talking to the sales people didn’t look like they were going to have their issues solved quickly. That was only confirmed when I  got to talk to someone half an hour after that and the lady who was helping me kind of went, “Ohhhh, you’re a native English speaker, aren’t you? That’s unfortunate,” with her eyes while I tried very hard to remember to say ‘vous’ instead of ‘tu’. (I succeeded!)

I was out of there five minutes later, sans phone and tugging my scarf irritatedly back into place, telling myself that I should have known better. Of course, while picking up a few things afterwards, I got into the line that looked like it was going quickly, only to have it stop completely because of some issue at the till. (Though I wasn’t the one deep sighing about it. That was the lady two people behind me and I was someone was doing it for me, in all honesty.)

It was funny (in that other way that is not ‘haha’ funny) because as I was venting to my mother, I could already see the reply she’s going to send me later on this evening. I don’t know about you, but for me, I normally find someone telling me that, “You know that’s how people are like,” or, “You just need to relax a bit,” normally don’t help and I’m guilty of raising my eyebrows at my mother and telling her that really? She is not helping. But in that moment, at least knowing that my mother will give me her annoyingly true advice made it just a little bit bearable.

(Oh and yes: the weather was perfectly suited to my mood today. At least there was that.)

Things I’m Loving:

This mug – (Oh, and I guess this one as well.)

These cords – (To go with these flats.)

This interview – (The photos are wonderful and the house is gorgeous!)

This video – (Time lapse! Toronto! What else do you need to know to know it’s awesome?)