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Annecy: Re-Visited

IMG_7104This week has been wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten to say that lately, so let me repeat: this week has been¬†wonderful. It’s been sunny and we’ve been outside a lot. Impromptu picnics and then yesterday I spent the day in Annecy.¬† Continue reading

Annecy, France

Hello Annecy

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Last weekend I finally,¬†finally got to make a trip to Annecy. I drove up and met my friend Chynna for lunch, which was absolutely delicious. Grilled bread with goat cheese and honey (her) and a mouthwatering sauce and salmon (me). Homemade fries and salad finished off the meal while we each had half a pint of beer and shared a pitcher of water between the two of us. It was warm out so we ate outside and did what I’ve come to really appreciate in France: ate slowly and talked lots. A two hour lunch and not once did I feel rushed or like we should leave. It was something I had to get used to when I got here and now that I have, I don’t want to let it go!

We walked around the¬†vieille ville for the rest of the afternoon, looking at the swans on the river, the artist on the sidewalk (just photographs, no videos please), ¬†the kids playing football in the park with their parents, riding rented bikes shaped liked racehorses up and down the footpath, eating ice cream from large waffle cones. I went ‘the usual’ for me and got mango and raspberry, a small sampling of¬†cinnamon¬†on top, while Chynna got the full scoop of cinnamon with butter caramel. (I¬†will¬†be going back next time because oh my it was delicious!)

As well next time, we’re planning on biking around the lake, which is a bit of a distance, is supposed to be quite easy as it’s all flat. I’ve also got four/five days off when the kids have their next school holiday, so I’m stalking flight prices and trying to decide which new place I should see next (Barcelona, Madrid and Nice are all within price range) and trying to plan a bit of a trip. Take a break from the mountains and children and revel in the feeling of a mini-vacation.

The sun has finally decided to shine and bring it’s friend warmth with it, so lots of¬†picnicking¬†and running around outside, I’ve been back to shooting hoops on the court next to the playground while the kids play. Yes: lots of things. I’m rather enjoying it.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This song – (I’m late, I know. But Nate Reuss’s voice makes me so happy.)

+ This & this – (They’re not helping me make up my about where I want to go because I want to go both places.)

+ These online magazines – (Because I don’t have enough to read.)

+ This spring outfit – (I would wear that dress every. single. day.)