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I mentioned back in February  that I was thinking of putting together a guide to Madrid. It only took seven months, but I’ve finally put together a list of places that I liked going to eat, to have coffee, to be relaxed, to see art and to watch football. This is not even close to all the great things to do and see and eat in Madrid, rather they’re my favourite things that I discovered while I was there. For the most part, I’ve talked about all these places here before in various posts, but now they’re all in one post, with addresses and links for more information.


la pizzateca.
Calle León, 26
Pizza and books.


Chicago Hot Dogs
Calle de Hortaleza, 10
Hot dogs and tofu dogs.


Gau & Café
Calle Tribulete, 14 (4th floor)
Delicious lunch menus and a view of Madrid from the rooftop.


La Gringa
Calle San Vincente Ferrer, 57
The best English breakfast I had in Madrid, amazing coffee and delicious cocktails.


Han Gang
Calle de Atocha, 94
Delicious Korean food.



Calle San Joaquin, 16
One of my favourite restaurants in Madrid and serves delicious salads, burgers and wraps.


El Corte Inglés
Plaza de Callao, 2
Food court style restaurant and a great view of Madrid from the terrace.


Juana La Loca
Plaza de Puerta de Moros, No. 4
A little bit on the pricier side, considering the rest of the restaurants and cafes I have on this list, but treat yourself. Go.


Calle Fuencarral, 131
Huge variety of ice cream to choose from. Don’t be surprised if it takes you a while to decide!



Vacaciones Cocktail Bar
Calle Espíritu Santo, 15
Another place I really liked visiting, Vacaciones is wonderful for coffee and I also took my laptop to work a few times.



Toma Café
Calle de la Palma, 49
Good coffee, delicious cakes and calming atmosphere.


Calle Augusto Figueroa, 31
A good place to stop for coffee and dessert.


Wicked Sweet
Calle Guzmán el Bueno, 45
Stupidly good cupcakes. Just go in and try them all.


Calle de Espoz y Mina, 7
Irish pub close to Sol that has most major sporting events, decent burgers and is a good place to meet expats.


Triskel Tavern
San Vincente Ferrer, 3
They have open mic nights on Thursdays. Most people don’t show up until around 11pm and they stay late.


Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
Calle Santa Isabel, 52
The museum of modern art and there are many times to visit that are free.


Museo Nacional del Prado
Paseo del Prado
The more classical art museum in Madrid, which also has several free days to visit.


Paseo del Prado, 36
My favourite art gallery in Madrid, they have several changing exhibitions throughout the year, only 4€, but free days also.


Parque del Retiro
Plaza de la Independencia, 7
One of our favourite places to spend a sunny Saturday. Great for picnics, having coffee, long walks.


 Atocha Train Station
Avenida de Barcelona
Lovely tropical forest in the centre with a pool of turtles. Also a place to stop for lunch.



Palacio Real
Calle Bailén
The Royal Palace of Madrid, with the adjoining Sabatini Gardens, is interesting to visit.


Temple of Debod
Calle Ferraz, 1
Very popular, especially at sunset. Good place to have picnics in the afternoon as well.


Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor
My favourite time to visit was at Christmas, when all the lights were up and there was the Christmas market.


Palacio de Hielo
Calle Silvano, 77
We went for the skating, but there’s also lots of shops and several movie theatres.


Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
Avenida de Concha Espina, 1
Let’s be real: probably my favourite place in all of Madrid. Do the tour, watch a match, have a drink at the café. (Honestly? Just watch football in Madrid. Even if it’s here. Or out here. Just do it.)


Calle Hernán Cortés, 14
They sell lovely shirts and bow ties and shoes. Definitely worth a look.


Calle de Atocha, 125
A seven level club that’s super popular with different types of music playing on each floor.

Calle Arenal, 11
Also another popular place people go on weekend nights.

Rock and Roll Radio Club (RRR)
Calle Barquillo, 44
Definitely a club for those of you who like rock and roll and the live performances are fun.

Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 26
Tucked out of the way and a little tight, but good music and a great terrace up top.

Space Monkey
Calle de Campoamor, 3
Probably my favourite place to go out in Madrid, they play great music and the atmosphere is amazing!


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