Football: The Reaction .GIF Edition

Honesty time: I actually had this one put together before I did my World Cup .gif post, but figured I’d wait until the football season started up again to post.  (That feeling of having a post waiting in queue for months at a time is weird you guys.) But! Since the season has started up again, here we are!

Whenever someone starts talking about how their club is, ‘the people’s club’:


When a European person tells you they don’t like football:


During an important match and someone insists on trying to hold a conversation:



That one time someone said Xabi Alonso could be replaced by Isco:



Every single time someone assumes you enjoy football because, ‘You just like the hot players,”:



When you prove them wrong:



When you got to watch Real Madrid win La Décima while in the Bernabéu:



Whenever you meet up with your equally football loving friends:



The first time anyone steps into your room and sees your scarf/ticket collection:



That feeling every time you step into a stadium:



Whenever the topic of women’s football comes up:



Whenever the next season’s kits come out and they’re awful:



When they’re really good and you know it’s money well spent:



When your Saturdays are spent watching back to back matches:

bones yes


Whenever you and your friend cheer for rival teams and it’s derby day:

sherlock rather fun


My family whenever I go on a football related tangent:





Things I’m Loving:

+ The birth of Iranian football – (I love stuff like this!)
+ If you complain about diving – (Which you’ve probably been doing a lot lately.)
+ A twist on the root beer float – (The heat has definitely been calling for these.)
+ 10 most underrated cities in Europe – (If you’re looking for somewhere to go.)


2 thoughts on “Football: The Reaction .GIF Edition

  1. I was supposed to go to my first European football game this last weekend and I was SO EXCITED. However plans fell through and it didn’t happen. I want to go to a game so bad!

    • I’m sorry it didn’t work out but hopefully you’ll get a chance soon! There has to be a club, even if it’s not a Ligue 1 club, close to you that you can go watch. And smaller sides just have a really great grassroots feel to them that I love to watch too. 🙂

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