Favourite Photogs: Zack Seckler


I don’t know if photography can be labeled as ‘smart’ but that’s what I’d call Zack Seckler’s work.  Smart as in,”Wait is that….is that on purpose?” and ‘I see what you did there.” Where, at first glance, you’re not really sure you’re seeing what you’re seeing and so you look closer and yes, that is what you’re seeing and oh yes, it’s intentional. It’s funny and makes you stop for a second and makes me think of ‘child like’, like a kid playing around with photography. Which is a thought that might be helped by all the kids you see in his work.






Not only is it smart in the senses I described above, but there’s a photographic smartness at work here, a know how in creating these photos. The popcorn one struck me right away. They all look simple enough to pull off and, as with all works of artistic mediums, that is the desired effect. But what goes on before that photo is created, the set up and the technical know how are not as simple as a one might think and the fact that Seckler pulls it off so well in all of his photographs, the way everything is so calculated and exact, very precise, just speaks to how smart the photos, not to mention him, really are








Beyond all that, there is still that, “I think you might be saying something here,” that lingers as you take a close look at his photography, that beyond the technical and the irony and everything else you get at the first and second glances, there might just be something else beyond that. Triple threat photography, right there.


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