Málaga, Spain

Hello, Málaga


As this month winds down to a close (how are we at the 26th of August already?!), I continue to realize how quickly time goes by. It feels like the summer just started and BAM! I leave for Canada on Saturday (whaaat?!). Before all my time disappeared on me, I wanted to spend some time in Málaga, especially since it was only a half hour drive from where I was staying. So, spur of the moment, on my last weekend in the area, I packed my backpack and spent 24 hours in Málaga.




I ended up being there while it was Málaga’s fería, which meant that hostels and hotels were booked to the nines. I had checked online beforehand and knew there was a place at Feeling Hostel free, which I checked out after a few others on my way there. It’s probably the only time I wish I hadn’t been so happy-go-lucky with my planning and checked things out in advance, especially since my last minute booking for the last bed completely blew through my budget. Lesson learned!










After I checked in and got myself sorted, I headed for the Port of Málaga, which was absolutely stunning in the evening and as the sun set. As I wandered by, I saw the Museo Alborania Aula del Mar and couldn’t resist popping in. While not the largest maritime museum I’ve been to, it was still interesting to watch the videos and go through the various rooms and see all the skeletons and boats and shells. They even had a boat you could ‘pilot’ and which I had more fun with than I probably had any right to.



Dinner was had at Amigos, which I’d been wanting to try for ages and just hadn’t gotten around to. While not the best meal I’ve had in Spain, it was definitely good and with crowds at every restaurant, nice to not have to wait ages in order to sit down. A lengthy ramble down to the beach and back to the hostel completed my evening out, with a long conversation back at the hostel and a super comfy sleep to top it all off.




My plan the next day was to be proactive and buy my ticket first thing in the morning so I’d know exactly when I had to be at the bus station. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication and instead of 3pm, I got a ticket for just after 1pm, meaning I had less than two hours before I had to leave. Deciding that that was going to be fine, it was too hot out anyways and the crowd was not making me panic, exactly just…pressing. Figuring it was enough time for a quick breakfast before I headed to the cathedral and/or the castle (depending on how much time the first took), I headed out for a quick coffee, which turned into an almost hour and a half affair with possibly the worst service I’ve ever had in….anywhere.

I mentioned it to both my host mom who told me, “That’s Analucia for you, they’re always slow and lazy,” (….) as well as to a visiting mother I’d gotten to know over the last couple of weeks who mentioned that, when she’d gone with the girls to a restaurant, she’d had almost the same experience, where the waiter had a.) barely paid attention to them and b.) stuck them in a cramped corner and then quickly became more attentive as soon as her husband had shown up. While I’ve never really had a problem with service before, per say, there have definitely been moments when, as a lone diner, my service has been slightly less attentive than those who are two or more. Even if I’m sitting there and obviously waiting for someone to come take my order/take my plate/request extra water/asking for the bill/etc.

I don’t know exactly where I was going with that, other than that it’s something to think about and to take notice of if you are someone who travels alone (and, it might definitely be a gender thing) and to make sure you’re not sitting there for over an hour as waiters buzz around you, taking ages to bring you either a glass of water or your bill or else entirely forgetting to bring you your change. (I know, right?!)

But, despite that last experience, Málaga was absolutely lovely and while I’m glad I did get my one weekend there, I do wish I’d had the energy to go for more than that while I was in the area. Hopefully next time I’ll visit for longer and find a cafe where I won’t contemplate simply getting up and leaving.

Things I’m Loving:

+ DIY Neoprene Circle Skirt – (Bonus: no sewing!)
+ Toblerone Ice Cream Cake – (I am actually speechless at this delicious beauty.)
+ 11 ways to get through Monday – (For next week.)
+ 8 little things – (Just because.)


2 thoughts on “Hello, Málaga

  1. Amazing photos! This looks like such a beautiful place! It’s too bad about the train ticket and the service at the restaurant, but otherwise it seems like a successful trip! Also I love that circle skirt, I’ve never heard of that type of fabric before.

    • It’s a really beautiful city and I do wish I had spent more time there. Ah well, always a reason to go back! And the skirt looks like it’d be so easy to make and the material sounds really cool!

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