Favourite Photogs: Thierry Bouët


I found Thierry Bouët‘s website buried in my bookmarks and it was kind of like finding an Easter egg a week after Easter’s gone by and all the good chocolate’s been eaten and then you sit down and dig around for the remote and, hmmmm, what’s this? And it’s a Cadbury Creme Egg (if you’re me) and…so that analogy just got out of hand. I’m sorry. But really, that’s what it’s like, finding good things hidden in your bookmarks. ANYWAYS. Bouët’s photography. I can’t decide what it is. Other than good, because it is that. But it’s also quirky. And clean. While being bright and punchy. It’s direct and a little in your face and….he’s French. Of course it’s all these things!








There’s something eye catching in all his photos. Even when you don’t think there should be. It’s ordinary, mundane things, but then, you realize, it’s a little more than that. Woman doing the splits while reading. We’ve got a model making a lemon sucking, “Oh really?” look on her face, we’ve got straight lines except whoa! they aren’t exactly straight because they’re wavy  and don’t even get me started on that woman’s eyebrows. We’ve got men in suits blowing pink bubble gum.And teeny, tiny, wonderful babies sticking out their tongues.  Even though it looks like they should just be stock photographs, they’re not.







That, I think more than anything is, is something I want to work towards. That idea of looking for the cheeky, the sly, the not quite picture perfect, the oddball, that thing that pushes the picture from being good to being, “Oooh. I see what you did there.” Whether it’s placement (hello big purple round thing that I’m not sure what you are) or not quite normal (should we be wondering why there are several mostly empty wine glasses in front of this woman? And can I join?) or whatever else, that slightly out of left field, that, “Hang on a minute,” feeling, that’s what you (aka: I) should be shooting for. And Bouët hits that, right on the head. (Also in his ‘Biography‘ page where he calls out his best friend and I have to admit I actually did laugh out loud. Cheeky.)


Things I’m Loving:

+ So many people are travelling! –  ( I love seeing where other people have been going!)
+ How to… – (10 things for you to try.)
+ This book – (Sounds so, so, SO interesting!)
+ Get some Spanish in your summer – (Going to make all of these. For my family. But mostly for me.)


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