Good Things

Good Things


Hear: This playlist. On repeat.
Taste: Homemade tortilla and breakfast churros.
Touch: New pens and new journals.
See: The beach, after several days away.
Smell: Ripe melons.

Things I’m Loving:

+ A sweet contest – (Because who doesn’t like new things?)
+ Add a touch of indigo – (
+ Food art photography – (Two of my favourite things in one spot. Yay!)
+ I’d read this – (I need to get back to my fantasy roots.)

I’ve also started to participate in the The Lotus Creative’s Daily Diaries posts (for some reason the button won’t load properly when I try to include it). Head on over and check it out!


4 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. Ah, I will try to fix the button for next week! I think it’s an issue with the box the code sits in.
    Oohhh the beach! I haven’t been to a beach in 2 years now. I need to go to one asap!

    • Not a problem! The link works just as well. 🙂

      I’m currently spending my summer in the Costa del Sol and am very, very tempted to just stay. There’s something about seeing the ocean every day that I’m liking very much!

  2. Hey, the button won’t load for me either!
    New stationery is one of my most favourite things. I buys pens from every tourist attraction I go to, that way whenever I use it in the future, I’ll be reminded of my fun day out. So far I have approximately a gazillion pens.

    • Stationary is one of my kryptonites! I write enough letters that it’s not too big of a problem, because it gets used up, but I still have lots around! I buy postcards from every town/city I visit. Not quite as useful, but, hopefully once I’ll get home I’m hoping to use them all to decorate with. Not 100% how to arrange it, but there’s time to figure it out!

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