Granada, Spain

Goodbye, Granada


The one thing about not having a plan was that I didn’t have a ride back to Málaga. And then the internet went down at the hostel. And my app stopped working for a few hours. Which meant that getting back to the house involved a bus, a train and a taxi ride that cost more than the rest of my transport that weekend combined. All in the name of adventure. However, before all that happened, I walked (a lot) and took more vertical photos than I think I’ve taken. Ever. 




















While I was waiting for the WiFi to get sorted out, I went to Alhambra and walked and walked and climbed some twisty, narrow stairs, realized I probably should have had breakfast before attempting it and then walked some more. If you climb up to the top of the various towers, after you’ve finished huffing and puffing and wondering why you thought that would be a good idea, you’re struck by the view.  You can see Granada stretched out before you, all the tiled rooftops and white building sides crowded together like LEGO buildings and past that is Spain. Flat and a little hazy through the heat and the mountains rising, tall and blue and grey, kind of like a bruise by nature, in the distance. Then you realize that people thought out Alhambra, built and created it and it takes your breath away with the view and thank goodness there’s a bit of a wind to bring it back to you because wow. Afterwards, you wind your way down all those stairs and trudge back down the hill and stop for kebaps and hot fries while guzzling down a Coke because your stomach is starting to complain and that, all of that, kind of knocked you right off your feet. Fast forward to sitting in the bus terminal and bumping into someone you met at the hostel and then napping on the bus back, casually using your learned Spanish to ask about how to get to Fuengirola and watching the woman across the train aisle attempt to not nod off, same as you.

Thing I’m Loving:

+ This piece – (Because: resounding yes.)
+ Had to laugh at this – (Because fans are the best.)
+ Some awesome podcasts – (For those who like that sort of thing.)
+ Round up of summer food – (If you’re looking for inspiration.)


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