Granada, Spain

Hello, Granada


Out of the blue, my new host mom told me I could use the weekend to go away.  Dad and daughter were spending a weekend with Grandma and she was going away with friends for the weekend. Friday afternoon was spent quickly arranging for a ride from Málaga to Granada for Saturday morning. I didn’t quite have time to look up a hostel, but a stop at the tourist information in Plaza Nueva had me sorted out and I ended up at Oasis Hostel, which I absolutely loved and goes to show that not everything needs to be planned for a trip to be successful. 












While Madrid and Mijas have been hot, Granada felt a little bit like an oven. Blinding white buildings in the afternoon sun, the dry heat pressing up against your skin, the slight buzz that comes when the air gets still. Saturday was spent walking up to the Mirador San Nicolás viewing point where we admired the view and then promptly went for a cold drink at a table under a mister. There was dinner with new friends at a restaurant on the same street as our hostel whose name I don’t have, six of us crammed around a table and everyone passing around our food as we realized we couldn’t finish it all but it was too good to not eat. There was sangria at the hostel’s bar before we went out into the hot night and danced and woke up much later than we expected the next morning.

Things I’m Loving:

+ I took my time reading this – (I like numbers in my writing, apparently.)
+ I’d be alright with going back to Prague – (Fall looks perfect, no?)
+ More summer reading – (If you need some more ideas.)
+ This looks so, so good – (I’m here for women in charge.)


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