Favourite Photogs: Maurice Li


I’ve talked about photographers whose work is bright and punchy and vivid and I feel like, by now you all know that I basically like to be kicked in the face, visually. That moment when my eyeballs see something and it takes a second to register and maybe there’s some dancing lights. That sounds overly dramatic, I know I know I know. But my parents didn’t buy me that ‘Drama Queen’ pillow for no reason. But I do. I like having to do a double take and maybe pick my jaw up off the floor, promise myself that that,  that is the kind of work that I want to be producing, that I want to work towards. No one has done this as well in the last few weeks as Maurice Li.








I stumbled on his photography ages ago, kept it open in a tab for forever and would find myself heading back to it again and again, just to look at the colours and the framing. He’s also one of those photographers whose depth is unending. Everything from commercial photography to travel to food to design and taking a pit stop in street photography, he really does do it all. Which is something I really admire in a photographer because that can be exhausting. There’s a different way of thinking for all those different types of photography, different ways to approach it and he does all of them so well.






His use of black and white is something I also really admire, since it’s not something I tend to do often and find that it can be tricky for some photographers to use among their coloured work well. But his is still punchy, the blacks dark while the whites are clear. That sounds a little bit strange, I know, but it is something I notice, even as someone who loves her bright colours, that a good black and white photograph can add just that touch of depth in a person’s work, and in Li’s it’s no exception.




I also really like how diverse the feelings are that come across in his photography. All of them definitely evoke something as you look at them, whether it’s the hushed feeling of the first photo, the loud cracking of fireworks, the almost scientific way the food has been prepared in one photo versus the homemade and ready to eat in the next, the obvious happiness in the jumping couple.  Photographs that make you feel are just as important as photographs that look good and Li combines both of these factors in his photography flawlessly.


Things I’m Loving: 

+ 20 places to live – (the good life.)
+ Canadian provinces as high school kids – (To start your week with a chuckle.)
+ These nail wraps – (Because everything Joy the Baker does is so cool.)
+ Tech sexism – (And ping pong.)


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