Madrid, Spain

I Walked Around Madrid


There’s something about knowing you’re going to be leaving a place that pushes a person to go and do and see, just to make sure that they’ve done it all. Funny how, in the ten months I was there, I still had things on my list (not one written down, of course, an invisible one I had tucked away in my brain, filled with both the tangible and the abstract) that I felt I still had to do. I don’t know if I actually managed to finish that airy list, but over my last few weeks, I did a lot. I walked, I met with friends, I made a conscious effort to take more pictures, try and capture Madrid,  get as many collected snapshots as I could before I left. 









Things I’m Loving:

+ More books for summer – (I know some of you are readers.)
+ These ceramics – (Still planning my future home.)
+ These yogurt popsicles – (Perfect for hot, sunny days.)
+ Tips for braiding – (If you’re like me and still haven’t mastered it.)


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