Mijas, Spain

Hello, Mijas


It’s been a couple of weeks and I haven’t really posted anything since I’ve moved to Mijas. It’s been..it’s been nice. Calm. Quiet. The wind comes off the ocean a bit strong, but the sun is hot above and the air smells of salt if you turn your nose just right. The sand gets hot during afternoon and cheap, coloured flip flops are the way to go. The houses are stark white against the clear blue sky, the sunset a soft watercolour of pinks and purples behind it all. 







There are moments when you stand on the beach and the ocean blends into the sky and you can’t separate where one starts and the other ends, maybe if you squint, really hard, you can see the sharpest point, right in the middle.  There’s the pool, with it’s lukewarm water and the smell of chlorine in your hair. There are flowers in pink and red-orange and yellow, popping against the green and find their way into glasses full of water for lunch.





I hadn’t been to the south of Spain until I got here and I’m excited to spend the summer here, with the fresh air and the walks on the beach, the second hand shop full of 1€ books, trips planned to Seville and Granada and Málaga. A good way to finish my time in Spain before I (finally) fly home.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Books for the summer – (If you’re again looking for something to read.)
+ Spanish phrases – (That make no sense.)
+ Bomb Pop Shots – (Late, but there are always reasons for shots.)
+ This post – (So, so beautifully sad.)


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